Wednesday, July 22, 2009

End the "birther" issue once and for all.

Have you ever had that moment, when you have yearned for the perfect opening sentence to a letter, article, or even just a text message? The following article is an example of the moment mentioned above.

Is Barack Obama a legal citizen of the United States of America? Even better, is Barack Obama a legal citizen of the Nation of Kenya?

Instead of discussing the horrific plans of his health care legislation, the awful cap & trade legislation, the anti-business pro-unionization bills that we have coming up the pike, and the complete wussification of the United States Military - millions of Americans, who should be devoted to defeating Obama based on the substance of the issues, are questioning whether or not he is a United States citizen?

I have addressed this topic only once, a long time, even before I started writing on the Jumping in Pools blog with Matt & Mike, I wrote about the topic when the Supreme Court was asked to review various legal challenges to Obama's birth certificate/citizenship - I pretty much said this - just order him to show the stupid birth certificate, to end this damn debate once and for all.

That never occurred, and here we are nearly a full year later - with the debate picking up more coverage on television, radio, and the Internet then anyone ever suspected.

Do I believe Barack Obama is a legal citizen of the United States of America? Yes.

Do I believe Barack Obama should show his birth certificate? Yes.

I personally believe that all candidates who run for President, should have to supply a birth certificate to all 50 secretary of states across the Nation, and the Secretary of the United States before they can be deemed a legal natural born United States citizen, and 100% approved to be President of the United States. John McCain showed his birth certificate to end claims he is not a legal United States citizen, and a candidate on the socialist party line was not even a natural born American (which are barred from being able to hold office as President).

There are many questions to be had, I'm sure one is "So, you believe the wingnuts who say he was born in Kenya?", No I do not, I believe he is a United States citizen, however I find it odd he is spending millions to avoid just releasing a simple document - which I have to show to get a drivers permit in New York state.

In conclusion, should Conservatives be wasting time on Obama's lack of a birth certificate? No. Should we push for a bill calling for all candidates for President to provide for a legal birth certificate in order to run/hold the office of President? Yes.

I am not a "birther", I am a originalist in the Constitution - all Presidents must be natural born United States citizens, I also believe, because of a silent movement to rid the "natural born" clause is underway in America, we must fight back and support the law. So focus on the law, lets end all of these Obama myths forever, lets pass a "prove of citizenship for all United States Presidential candidates law".

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Anonymous said...

If we have an amendment or bill to make Presidential Candidates provide birth certificates, can we have one to correct your awful grammar?

Pain said...

You are a birther because you continue to spout the "he's spending millions" talking point. You either accept that what got this man a passport as a US citizen and his mother's citizenship as proof of his bona fides vis a vis natural birth or you do not.

You will not have it both ways.

Qu'ul cuda praedex nihil!

Editor said...

I am not doing it both ways. I believe he is a citizen of the United States of America, so why not just show the damn document like McCain did? Plus, considering we do have an problem with candidates running who are not citizens (such as the socialist party candidate), why not just pass a damn law to require birth certificate to all secretary of states, to end this whole damn fiasco.

Editor said...

Also. I am not, and will never be a birther. I am simply proposing a solution to end this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama could put an end to this matter by showing that birth certificate. Why doesn't he? Simple. Because he gains politically when his critics look like a bunch of conspiracy mongers. This most radical of presidents looks "moderate" if his challengers are seen as wack-jobs.

John Richard Hines said...

Way to build a coalition that can win in 2010 and 2012.

Insult your possible allies, suck up to the people who despise you.

Yeah, you'll really enjoy the Obamessiah's second term!

Editor said...

Insult the possible allies, join those who I hate? No........ I am saying - end this debate now, we need to focus on substance. We only help Obama with these crazy myths, lets just end this damn thing now.