Friday, July 31, 2009

Clunker Economics

Common Sense & fiscal discipline teach you numerous life-changing lessons in a Capitalistic society, one is - what the government taketh, it will eventually be wasted. Such as the "cash for clunkers" program, the next generation of welfare entitlement for those that don't follow the right way of economics = saving your money. Instead those who do, are being taxed to fund those that don't.

The cash for clunkers program exposes the American people, it also exposes the government, to spare the worst for last, let me start with the government part of the disaster.

Exposing the government : the cash for clunkers program has proven that the federal government does not under stand how to manage anything, they throw free (actually, taxed to death American) money to all Americans to take on more debt during a economic recession, and Americans flock to car dealerships, bankrupting the program in one week. If this we're a business, the business would be closing. Not the government, welfare entitlements are to important, just ask the welfare in Massachusetts who receive government provided auto insurance, cars, etc.

The government mis-management of cash for clunkers, also asks the greatest question for the 2009 legislative session for the United States Congress, if the Congress cannot manage some idiotic billion dollar welfare scheme for 200,000 idiotic Americans, why would we put the faith of 1/5th the American economy, tens of millions of Americans, trillions of tax payer dollars, in the hands of the government in another welfare scheme, in regards to health care.

Think about it.

Exposing the American people : this horrific program exposes the cold hard reality when it comes to at least 200,000 Americans in this Nation, they are so irresponsible, so big government sucking ticks, that they bought into this program, which probably tens of thousands will eventually default on, costing the auto dealerships, millions of dollars. Some might claim that this is a "tax rebate" back to the American people, nope, it is taking taxes from one group of Americans, and giving welfare to another group of Americans. Anyone can get this, whether you pay taxes or not.

Cash for clunkers has to worry you about the sanity of the American people, the United States Congress, and the stake of the American Capitalistic society. As the American people appear to be more like drug/money seeking addicts, instead of actually saving your money, or actually making the full payments, yourself. As the United States Congress takes the role of the enabler of bad habits, instead of the guardian of Freedom, as intended. As the Capitalistic society appears to be endangered by stupidity, instead of being the opposition against stupidity.

In conclusion, we can learn a lot about the American people, and how the health care system would dramatically bankrupt the United States citizens & government, as we have learned yet again, the government cannot run a business, only run a businesses into the ground.

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