Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will California have the brains in 2010?

California has problems. A massive spending problem, which they seem to only be able to allowing criminals in the streets, which is not a good thing for anyone. A massive problem in actually following the will of the people - people want traditional marriage, twice, the government/supreme court overruled them. The people want to rid the state of the law breaking illegal immigrants which are costing the state billions a year, the government never listens. The government proposes massive new tax raises, the people say "HELL NO", for once something gets through.

Sadly, the problem still remains.

Even though over 66% of California voters voted against massive tax increases, they keep electing "big government, tax & spend, illegal pandering" liberals into office every election cycle, so my question is this -the people of California have made several great stances as of late on economic issues, on illegal immigration, traditional marriage, will the people of California remember these stances next election cycle? Or, will they continue their addictive drug/government seeking habits?

I hope California wakes up. The high taxes, the illegals, the massive waste of taxpayer money, the sickening hatred of the peoples vote, has led to hundreds of thousands of California residents moving to other states (I have noticed that the states they have gone to, are becoming more liberal, and thus taxes are on the table - do these people learn?).

Will the people (still in, and out of California) wake up anytime soon to economic reality, in such ways as to elect a fiscally Conservative Republican into office in 2010 in the Governors house, and perhaps a decent Senator, instead of Senator Boxer - who has downright hatred for capitalism, freedom of opinion, etc.

Or, will the people act like their normal voting selves - whine, complain, yell, then vote for the idiots again, and again.

Hell, even the people of New Jersey seem to be waking up, however we are well warned - some voters in various states, are obsessed with the Democrat big government teet.

Brief report on state of New Jersey Governor's election -

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