Friday, July 31, 2009

Is Senator Dodd worthy?

It has been announced that Senator Christopher Dodd has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, he will have surgery during the August recess, and will take a brief recovery break. While, I 100% disagree with Senator Dodd's stances, beliefs, etc. and I will be pushing hard for him to lose re-election in 2010, I wish the best to him.

So, I now have this question - under the Obama health care package, millions of men will be asked the same thing as the title of this article asks, "are you worthy", "how long will it take to see a doctor?", "how long will it take to see a cancer specialist?", "how long will it take to schedule the surgery", "will you even get the surgery, pending on past health, age, etc.?". In America, its close to 80-90% of all men who have prostate cancer, survive, in Great Britain, it is at or under 50%.

So I ask yet again, under an Obama system, would Senator Dodd be worthy of this surgery? This should be a testament of how great the American health care system, really is.

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