Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Looks Horrible for 2012 Election

According to a new released Rasmussen poll asking about the 2012 Presidential election :

Romney vs. Obama - 45% for Romney, 45% for Obama, 10% unsure/other candidate.
Palin vs. Obama - 42% for Palin, 48% for Obama, 10% unsure/other candidate.
Romney vs. Obama vs. Palin (if Palin were to run as a third party candidate) - 44% Obama, 33% Romney, 16% Palin.

Considering we are three years from election day 2012, we have a great chance to defeat Obama, considering he doesn't even have a 50% "i'll vote for him voter bloc" three years before the 2012 Presidential election. Also interesting - 49% would vote for GOP candidates if Palin & Romney run, that's what we need for these candidates in individual GOP only opposition against Obama.

Great news my friends.


Also : 33% of Republicans & 21% of Americans Nationwide believe Palin should run third party if she does not win the 2012 GOP nomination, I highly disagree with this view - we need a United Conservative GOP against Obama, not to be divided.

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