Saturday, July 25, 2009

Victory is the goal, what is Obama's?

Over the last 233 years, America has been involved in numerous wars with various Nations & with various forms of evil, presently we are at war with terrorists who are centralized in Afghanistan and in Iraq, although they is also fighting ongoing in Pakistan, and one wonders about possibly fighting in Yemen or African Nations where the enemy is becoming stronger.

Why do we fight? We fight for several reasons : 1.Because our Nation was attacked, 2.Because our Nation is going to be attacked, 3.To protect an ally or to stand along an ally during war, 4.To prevent our Nation or fellow Nations from being attacked, be launching pre-emptive attacks against the declared enemy, such as North Korea or Iran.

What are the goals in war? Obviously winning the war, or claiming "victory" is the highest goal of a war, also destroying the enemy that attacked you is another worthy goal, along with afterwards establishing freedom & alliance in/with that Nation, such as what we have done in Germany, Japan, Iraq, etc.

You do not fight a war to surrender, and you do not fight a war to cause stalemate, although that occurred a few times over the course of American history (the Korean war for those in Port St.Lucie, although you can claim we won that war, by preventing the spread of communism into South Korea). You fight wars, your men fight in war, for Victory over the enemy - and the 100% protection/spread of freedom?

At least, that was my impression of why we fight wars? And that was my impression of why Americans fight wars, to claim victory over a hostile enemy who has attacked us directly or indirectly, who is planning to attack us, has attacked our allies, or who is housing those that have attacked us. Confused? So am I.

So I must beg to ask, what are the Military goals of Barack Obama in Afghanistan & Iraq?

Are his goals of victory over the terrorist enemy, are his goals of freedom for those that were oppressed under the terrorist enemy, are his goals of co-existing with the dreadful enemy, or are his goals simple to surrender these wars at all costs, to suit his political operatives & haymakers?

Obama has declared he does not intend to fight for victory, freedom means very little to this man, he has already claimed there are "moderate" elements of the taliban scum, when in reality - all taliban are the sworn enemy of the United States (aka : there are not moderate elements of the talbian, a terrorist organization is a terrorist organization, we're there moderate elements of the Nazi army? NO!), and thus must be destroyed. Are his motives of fighting political charged? I believe so, look at Iraq - he could care less about the troops who are fighting there, or the freedoms we have won, the enemy we have defeated, or the threat we have squashed, his goal to leave Iraq as quick as possible?

Why? I ask.

Must would love the chance to declare their Nation is able to clam victory, yet that word has for some reason remained absent from the discussion of the Iraqi-Afghanistan wars.

How about Afghanistan? Obama clearly stated "victory" is a harmful word, and is not the goal of the United States Military? I beg to differ, as victory is the only goal in Afghanistan among the Military - you fight for victory, to defeat the enemy, and the word victory is not a harmful or evil word as Obama acts like it is, it is a word of accomplishment, and shows how great one Nation of Freedom really is.

I know what the goals of the Military are in Afghanistan & Iraq, the United States Military knows what their goals are in Afghanistan & Iraq, however what are the goals of Obama, if they are not victory and all that entails with victory?

That my friends, is the real question.

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