Thursday, July 30, 2009

A review of Common Sense.

I love a good Conservative, common sense book. While in the store yesterday, I happened to see Glenn Beck's newly released Common Sense on the book shelf, at an amazing 8 dollars to purchase (please remember, this book is a best seller), so I purchased it as soon as I could.

The book is a good buy, some of the things that Congress has done, will make you pissed off, some of the congressional districts featured - are so gerrymandered, it is not funny, and some of the anti-Constitution positions liberals have taken, are just saddening. While Glenn Beck does go after the Republican party, I feel he succumbs to the grouping of Americans that he is always yelling about - trying to claim that all Republicans are progressive, big government hacks, who never follow the Constitution - I severely disagree.

Overall : 4/5 Stars.
Message : 5/5 Stars.

I suggest that all who are thirsting Common Sense, purchase a copy of Glenn's new book.

Other books :
Censorship - Brian Jennings.
Do-Gooders - Mona Charen.

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