Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I hate liberals.

A few weeks ago, I was pissed off at the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson, while American soldiers who are fighting for 0ur freedoms - we're not covered at all by the main stream media. I wrote a very passionate letter-to-the-editor in my local paper about the unbalanced media coverage, I also got into the reasoning of why we are fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan, it was as pro-troop, pro-Iraqi war, pro-Afghanistan war, pro-freedom, pro-American letter you could have ever read in your life.

Well, a liberal has also written a letter to the editor, which she takes my high value of a troops life for freedom, and turns it around into a liberal rant about how the oil companies are rich because of Iraq (huh?), and how we need to "bring the troops home", and spread some liberal propaganda book.

That is why I hate liberals.

I write a passionate, very Conservative letter to my local newspaper, and some liberal turns around and throws her damn media matters talking points liberal bullcrap right in my face, she even mentioned my damn name, while making her damn liberal points.

That is why I hate liberals.

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Anonymous said...

So you hate liberals because they have the nerve to present their opinions to the public, just like you have? Idiot.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming you're serious, so let me address your points one at a time.

1. Every liberal I know was just as pissed off about the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson as you were.

2. Kudos to you for writing your paper about their lack of media coverage. Liberals are fighting for this as well.

3. I don't want to make sweeping accusations about the "typical" conservative, however I will say that the conservative leadership would have you believe that liberals are anti-troop. This is glaringly false. We are against a war that was being fought for the wrong reasons (read: oil) and want to get out troops out of there. Is it not just as pro-troop to want to keep them alive by getting them out of a mess we shouldn't have been in in the first place?

4. Pro-freedom? This is the soap box upon which us liberals stand. We believe so strongly in the freedom of this country and the liberty of the individual that we hold our government accountable, or try to anyways, to ensure those freedoms are upheld. We are seen as anti-American and anti-government, but unless someone is watching government and holding their feet to the fire then our liberties could be trampled on. This is exactly what our founding fathers wrote about constantly.

5. You didn't post the content of either letter so I can not speak to what she responded. However, you must understand there is wack jobs on both sides of the aisle, to hold all liberals accountable for what one liberal said is naive and close-minded. Then again, had you posed the content I may have agreed with her.

6. This is why you hate liberals? I don't hate conservatives, I disagree with them. This is a huge mindset difference between the liberals and conservatives that I have met and spoken to. Conservatives are very quick to "hate" us and close off all lines of communication. Every liberal I know (of course there are some that "hate" conservatives) simply disagrees with conservatives and are more than willing to debate issues. Why is this not the case with conservatives?

7. Once again, you did not post the content of the letters so let me play devils advocate. If she was simply trying to point out the fact, and it is fact, that we are in a war that we should have never been in then I would have to agree with her. I can't think of anything better for those troops than to get them out of Iraq. Of course we have to weigh that issue now with the fact that we(our government not the troops) have made such a mess over there that we have to stay around to help clean up. On the other hand I do not know a single liberal that doesn't support our initiative in Afghanistan. Also, does it not ring a bell with you that we have had almost zero support from the international community in Iraq? This is also because most other countries did not feel we were justified in our invasion. Hopefully you are not so close minded to believe only America knows whats best.

8. Once again, why not try not hating us and open a meaningful dialog. You would find out there are more issues than you think there are that you would agree with. Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle, after all that is what bipartisanship is supposed to be about right? We are willing, are you?

Aurelius said...

Hey, Mr. K, why don't you post your letter on the blog? It'd be neat.

Editor said...

I do not hate liberals because they have the nerve to present opinions, I hate liberals because at least one decided to take my pro-troop comments and twist it into some propaganda piece.

I would post it on the site, however I do not have a copy of my letter on hand, or at access, I sent it to you Mike, perhaps you have it in your archives in your email?

I am not willing PS, I am a Conservative for Conservative solutions, I am not for reaching across the aisle, because that means - loss of principles, loss of Conservatism, and loss of all that is good. I am a man of principle, principles I will not barter for any reason.

Aurelius said...

If I can find it, I'll post it Mr. K.

Anonymous said...

Why I hate liberals. 1. They want to create free healthcare FOR EVERYONE! Are you insane!?! Crackheads don't need healthcare or teeth dummy! 2. They want to communize EVERYTHING. I hate sharing money with my employees who work really hard or pulling my own weight you liberal tards! 3. They are so bent on political correctness they are ruining the whole country. 4. Abortion! Need I say more! 5. Global warming!?! WTF? The temperature changes ALL THE TIME! What's the big deal? 6. They are always trying to give me money, but its always from PUBLIC FUNDS!!! Are you crazy! Yes! 7. They are always trying to take my beer, bikes, guns, skateboards, porn, loud music, loose broads (etc) from me. Those are mine! Hands off! Just because you were tricked into being a stuck up prude metro jerk who spends saturdays nights getting drunk on fancy Spanish wines and crying tiny emo tears while listening to MGMT and Jewel on your IPod because you feel you are starting to feel slightly guilty for lying about having no change to that homeless lady spanging at the bus stop and only because she smelled like a camels taint dipped in baby barf. And because she asked you for cigarette. And you lied about that too. Oooooh you can't let ANYONE know your still haven't quit smoking cigarettes you liberal hypocrite!

Why I hate conservatives. 1. God. I don't believe in God. Period. They are so insistent on ramming Christianity down everyones throat (whether you want it or not) that it makes me want to puke. The earth is 4 billion years old. There isn't an omnipotent invisible magical man in the sky who wrote a holy book through a translator thousands of years ago, only to have his only begotten son TORTURED AND KILLED and never hangs around. If God is a parent he would be called AN ABSENTEE FATHER AND/OR PSYCOPATH. This is what you believe in? If you believe that religious crap then you are completely retarded and will believe any lie anyone tells you. 2. Families. I don't have a family, so why the crap would I care about family values you bimbo! 3. They never want to give me any money. 4. They are always trying to take my beer, bikes, guns, skateboards, porn, loud music, loose broads (etc) from me. Those are mine! Hands off! Just because you're confused about why you were tricked into being a breeder and now you have to spend all your pretend money you conned the bank into giving you to buy some overpriced home/fortess/ranch that's only now worth the price of the Mexican labor it took to build it on your stuck up elitist whiny jerk kids to get them through college and/or rehab so they don't become clueless losers instead of saving for your overblown retirement plans at 40 and/or shopping sprees and/or offing yourself because you don't have the courage to tell your spouse you are 110% secretly gay and/or cheating on said spouse with someone half your age. That doesn't give CONSERVATIVES the right to ruin my fun that I can pay for myself!

TC said...

Today, we live in an age of "offensiveness", where we have to be Sensitive to the sensibilities of others. We can't curse in public, or even avow that we hate all racists, whether they be White or Black. We can't even hate hate, because that's hateful.

Anything at all might be arbitrarily deemed "offensive". Yet it is that very practice, of labeling valid, reasonable opinions as "offensive", that is itself far more offensive to most rational people.

"We have to be Tolerant of the views of others," we are told. But, what about our views? Do they mean squat next to the angry Black man's? Or even Osama bin Laden's? How on Earth can anybody tell me that all our ideas are supposed to be equal, when Mr. ‘I'm gonna kill you all' gets more credence than we do?

Now, don't get me wrong here. Mr. bin Laden absolutely has the right to keep spouting off his murderous drivel for as long as he likes (until the Marines figure out which cave he's hiding in, anyway). What I take offense to is that anybody would DARE to tell me that my own thoughts - that said Marines should be given medals - are Intolerant.

It has come to a point where the advocates of "Tolerance" have become the most Intolerant people of all. That's the paradox that the Liberals are stuck with - and even a goodly number of them disagree.

That's why even the Liberals hate the Liberals, because, as Liberals, they are philosophically opposed to Intolerance, and it is they themselves who are the most Intolerant of any single group today. The can not, and will not, Tolerate Intolerance - even from themselves.

What's worse, because they cannot Tolerate their own Intolerance, they find themselves being Intolerant of their own Intolerance towards everyone else's Intolerance - and all in the name of keeping anybody from being "offended"!

Well, guess what? That "offends" me, and millions of other Americans - so put a ‘censored' label on it, and stop doing it!

Let us instead return to a nation that promotes the free exchange of ideas, no matter how distasteful, because, at the end of the day, Barack Obama is right. We should consider the hell Rev. Wright had to live through before passing judgment on him. But, at the same time, we have to keep our own views and life experiences in perspective, or we risk losing ourselves and what we believe in, in order to favor what amounts to somebody else telling us what we think.

And that, my friends, is the very antithesis of Free Speech and tolerance for all ideas.