Friday, July 31, 2009

Mets GM Omar Minaya Must Be Fired

As a Mets fan, I've watched the team fight off injuries for the entire year. And for months, the Mets have desperately need a trade, a pick me up, something new, anything. Now the trading deadline of baseball has passed, and the GM of the "Amazin' Mets," Omar Minaya, has failed utterly to do anything. No, he has done absolutely nothing to help the team, except trade Left Fielder Ryan Church for Left Fielder Jeff Francoeur straight-up.

No positions filled, no injury back ups, no pitchers, no new outfielders for needed positions. For some teams, like the Yankees, a trade was not necessary this year. They're good enough to win their division, or the wild card. Meanwhile, across town Omar Minaya did not address the Mets' desperate need for a first baseman, outfielder, middle reliever, or starter. My God, man, what were you waiting for?

Such utter incompetency alone is case enough to fire a GM, but worse, Minaya has burned himself on Tony Bernazard going down in flames. Instead of investigating the situation before the Mets became a national disgrace, he waited until the story broke in the Daily News. Then Minaya waited to fire Bernazard for no apparent reason.

But the crowning achievement of Minaya's inability to handle the situation came when he accused News reporter Adam Rubin of intentionally chasing Bernazard out of the organization for his own career. This led to Jeff Wilpon, the son of Mets' owner Fred Wilpon, to quip that Omar is "This close to being out of baseball."

Well, Mr. Wilpon, have at it. He's failed the fans, he's failed the players, and he's failed you. Show him the door.

Oh, and don't forget the previous two years of the Mets collapsing at the end. Good bye, Omar, best wishes.

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