Saturday, November 21, 2009

4 Senators to contact.

Tonight, the liberal smucks who run the United States Senate, will begin pushing government run health care down our throats in the Senate, as if this initial vote passes, the legislation has a near 98% chance of passing the Senate altogether, and regardless of what some Democrats will tout, this is not legislation which should be amended or changed during debate, this legislation should never have a debate, period.

The vote is scheduled for 8PM tonight, thus providing for another late night vote by the United States Senate, when the American people will be busy on their Saturday night, the same shameful tactic Pelosi used just a few weeks ago when the House passed their version of government run health care.

Emails are useless to contact our Senators, I would suggest calling their Washington offices, as that is your best chance of reaching your Senator or his/her office in which your opinions might be heard. Though most Democrats support the legislation, there are four United States Senators which all folks should be calling this afternoon, if you have the time.

1. Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, though she is 100% opposed as of now, and is committed to voting against allowing the legislation to move forward, she needs to be sured up.

2. Senator Joe Lieberman or Connecticut, though Lieberman is opposed to the legislation moving forward, he can be unpredictable at times, the American people standing against the legislation via phone calls to his office could sure up his opposition.

3. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, though it has been reported a 100 million dollar bribe has been included in the legislation for Landrieu, any vote for this legislation is the end of her career as a United States Senator, this is fear we should use for our advantage.

4. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, though Lincoln supports government run health care, she would be soundly defeated if she casts just one vote in support of this legislation, though it might be worth her voting for this legislation to kick her out next year, we cannot afford support for this legislation with our opposition razor thin.

Though we should have 41 committed Senators against the legislation moving forward, we need to burn the phone lines, we need to sure of those who are suppose to be on our side, and we need to strike the fear of losing their power into Senator's like Lincoln and Landrieu, who will be defeated if they support this legislation.

We can defeat government run health care tonight, are you willing to fight?

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