Sunday, November 29, 2009

Will troop increase be approved?

After three months of ignoring the situation in Afghanistan, apparently Obama has decided to increase Afghanistan troop levels with an unknown amount of additional troops, though the troop increase is expected to be less then the minimum requested from General McChrystal.

With a troop decision finally made, after spending months golfing, focusing on health care, campaigning for Corzine and Deeds, intentionally nominating the former Congressman John McHugh as Secretary of the Army to takeover a congressional seat, and bowing to the Emperor of Japan, the decision on whether or not our troops will receive additional support, is now in the hands of Congress.

Will the House of Representatives and the United States Senate support additional troop increases? That is the question that keeps me up at night, because I know the final vote will be as close as the health care vote was in the House of Representatives, except this vote is needed to secure victory, to defend freedom, and to defeat evil, unlike the health care legislation.

We have 177 elected Republicans in the House of Representatives, I expect 176 of these Republicans to support the troop increases, as the birdbrain Congressman Ron Paul will continue his reign of isolationism and defeat, which leaves us needing 42 Democrat votes to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. I'm guessing we'll be able to achieve 42 Democratic votes in addition to 176 Republican votes, however, I hate it when important measures moving through Congress have just enough support, when they should have 100% support.

The Senate will be more difficult, as of now either 42 or 43 Senators support the troop increases, and though I have not heard news over the past several weeks in regards to more Senators supporting troop increases, I would like to remain optimistic, however, I'm not sure what to expect, I have no idea if we can pull it off in the Senate.

We have 176 Congressman who support troop increases in the House of Representatives, 41 Senators in the United States Senate who definitely support troop increases, however, we need more support, support from the side of the aisle that has done more to derail the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, then our enemies.

I hope we will be able to increase our troop levels to win the War in Afghanistan, as this is a battle we must all fight for, instead of against.

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