Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senator Lieberman, caucus with GOP.

Senator Lieberman would be the most liberal member of the Republican caucus, however, he would be a member we could depend on in regards to health care, national defense, and other issues. While Senator Lieberman would 85% of the time vote with Democrats on most domestic issues, he would be a strong opponent of weakening our national defense, and he causes hatred in progressive circles which Republicans can't match.

I am proposing that Senator Lieberman caucus with the Republicans, as though he has numerous Democratic leanings, he also has Conservative streaks which fit into his "Independent" label, however, he is the most hated member of the Democratic caucus, and it was a miracle he was not punished last year for supporting McCain, and Palin.

Senator Lieberman has become one of our largest allies in fighting against the government takeover of health care, a more reliable opponent of the government option then Senator Snowe, however, Lieberman has also put his political career and soul on the line, his Chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs could be revoked, and though the help of Republicans helped to secure his victory in 2006, staunch Democrat supporters could bail from his campaign in 2012.

With all of this in mind, Senator Lieberman knows he will face the consequences for his opposition to current Democrat plans in regards to health care, however, will Senator Lieberman remain in the Democratic caucus, or will he join the Republican caucus, and at the least provide for a symbolic filibuster.

After the 1994 congressional elections, Senator Shelby became a Republican. After we hopefully defeat the Democratic health care plans, will we gain a Senator? Who knows, perhaps history will repeat itself.

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