Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin supporters - Iowa is a waste.

Last weekend, I warned about the dangers of Republican candidates focusing on Iowa during the 2012 Presidential primaries, as Iowa has become a reliable state for Democrats, and if a Republican wants to win the nomination, their focus needs to be directed towards the Southern and Western United States.

When the discussion shifts into a possible Sarah Palin run for the Republican nomination, she needs to focus on South Carolina, she needs to direct attention to the Southern states, and resources towards the Western states. Remember, Mike Huckabee has a solid base in the South, and Mitt Romney has a solid base in the West, Sarah Palin needs to battle both of them in both of these all important areas.

To focus too much time or money into Iowa is a blatant waste of resources, South Carolina will be the promise land for either Huckabee or Palin across the South, Iowa holds no leverage, and New Hampshire will go to the liberalist of candidates, which in a Palin-Huckabee-Romney scenario would be Romney.

If I was preparing for a 2012 blitzkrieg during the primaries, I would not be focusing on Iowa, I would be focusing on South Carolina, Florida, the South in general, and the West, those are the states Sarah Palin would need in order to win the nomination, Iowa would drain resources out of a 50 state battle.

"Is this Heaven? No. It's Iowa" - Field of Dreams.

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