Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Great Article Race

It's that time again, everybody. The last GAR (Great Article Race) was written on October 9th and a whole hell of a lot of stuff has happened since then. We made the rounds on national radio and television, were cursed and praised, and had fun the whole time. Any way you look at it, this was one of the most interesting month a halves of JiP's history ever.

As I mentioned, this is the first GAR since October 9, and since that time Jumping in Pools has received 101,451 pageviews.

The Top Ten Articles of the Part Month

1. Obama College Thesis: Constitution is Inherently Flawed, by Matthew, with 31,593 views, or 31.1% of the views
2. Lap Dog Blue Dogs Who Voted for Pelosicare, by Mr. K, with 13,494 views, or 13.3% of the views
3. Redstate Who Voted to Open Debate on Reidcare, by Mr. K, with 5,370 views, or 5.3% of the views
4. LGF Attacks Autistic Blogger, by the Avitabile Brothers, with 2,335 views, or 2.3% of the views
5. Miss California "Nude" Picture, by Michael, with 2,298 views, or 2.3% of the views
6. Article About Miss California Sex Tape, by Michael, with 1,409 views, or 1.4% of the views
7. Kanye West: I Had Gluten Overdose, by Matthew, with 1,384 views, or 1.4% of the views
8. This Picture Pretty Much Sums it Up, by Matthew, with 1,320 views, or 1.3% of the views
9. Military to Pledge Oath to Obama, Not Constitution, by Matthew, with 1,220 views, or 1.2% of the views
10. Prediction: Dinars Final Value, by Matthew, with 1,179 views, or 1.2% of the views

Bold= Satire

The Top Contributors of the Last Month and a Half:

Mr. K: 130 Posts
Matthew: 106 Posts
Michael: 103 Posts
Joe C.: 3 Posts
Elsewhere: 1 Post
E_D_Cassabonne: 1 Post

Interesting Notes:

-Matthew's article, Obama's College Thesis: Constitution is Inherently Flawed, hit it big in October. It went on to be featured on Rush Limbaugh, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the front page of Yahoo!, Fox News's official blog, Lou Dobbs's radio show, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Media Matters, and many other places.
-Two of Mr. K's articles got picked up on Instapundit.
-Charles Johnson took it upon himself to attack autistic people, proving once and for all that he is a douche bag.

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