Monday, November 23, 2009

Palin: 2012 - a Liberals horror.

Saturday Night Live decided to have some fun the other night, spoofing the "2012" end of the world movie which was just released, their spoof was that Sarah Palin was elected President, and Glenn Beck was elected Vice-President. While the spoof has become subject to debate, in regards to whether the skit was making fun of Sarah Palin or Democrats (it included references that the video was produced by various left of center organizations and persons, including Keith Olbermann), I would like to take a more serious look at the "spoof".

In the Liberal mindset, the mention of a Sarah Palin election in 2012 scares the hell out of them, let alone a full fledged video spoofing the possibility, however, this is a "spoof" Conservatives would like to awaken to, come November seventh 2012 (day after election day), because America is enduring perhaps one of the worst administrations in America's long history as we speak.

Think about it, while Sarah Palin would be a freedom loving, Constitution following, hard nosed President, we are currently under the supposed leadership of a freedom resenting, Constitution hating, weakassed President who is pushing us deeper and deeper into fiscal ruin, and national insecurity.

Sarah Palin would be pushing reasonable limits on malpractice lawsuits, expanding competition among private companies across all of the United States, and a cost cutting agenda in regards to health care. Barack Obama is pushing higher costs, jail time for those who refuse government mandates, socialized medicine, loss of freedoms, and the list goes on and on.

Palin: 2012, might be a nightmare for anti-freedom Democrats, liberals, socialists, and communists, however, it would be a return to the America as it should be, based in freedom, free markets, and the United States Constitution.

In short, it would be a nightmare Conservatives would love to wake up to, as though it is the Liberals horror, it is the Conservatives dream, a dream of a real Conservative Reaganlike President back in command.

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