Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vote American - oppose anti-war Libertarians.

I once again want to draw attention to the crucial 2010 House of Representative elections we have upcoming, and how these elections will define the future of the Republican party, Conservative movement, and America herself. While the debates over the future of America and Conservative movement could last for hours, the future of the Republican party should be simple.

Republicans should be the fiscal Conservatives in American politics.
Republicans should be the social Conservatives in American politics.
Republicans should be the national defense Conservatives in American politics.

I believe, Republicans are all of the above, however, with the 2010 elections coming strong, we must guard against National defense becoming a "non-issue", because National defense is crucial to America, and if we let economic conditions rule the 2010 elections, we could be shooting ourselves in the foot.

Think about it this way, if week seek out the most fiscal Conservative candidates with no regards to other issues which are important in American politics, we could end up with more Ron Paul legislators in Congress, something we must avoid at all costs, because our National defense would be in serious danger, more so then it is with Obama as President.

Take for example, Oklahoma's 4th congressional Republican primary next year, in which Republican Congressman Tom Cole will face a challenge from Libertarian Republican, RJ Harris. Congressman Cole is a longtime Representative from Oklahoma, was re-elected with over 65% of the vote last year, and though he supported the TARP bailout last fall, the American Conservative Union gave Congressman Cole a 88% legislative rating for 2008, and a 92.6% lifetime rating as well.

R.J. Harris and Congressman Cole are alike on most issues, however, Congressman Cole is strong on National defense, RJ Harris is weak on National defense, and his congressional campaign website has some talking points which could rival the viewpoints of Democratic candidates. RJ Harris holds the National defense viewpoints of Ron Paul, in short, he would be another vote against the War in Afghanistan, and who knows what, in regards to our alliance with Israel, a possible conflict with Iran, etc.

We cannot deal with anti-war Libertarians who are walking around in Republican clothing, we need to support good strong Republicans such as Congressman Cole, and resist the tug of Libertarian nutjobs, such as RJ Harris, which will lead to the destruction of not only the Republican party, but the Nation itself.

We need to pay attention to candidates who call themselves Republicans and are seeking office, because I have a feeling Libertarians are going to attempt to overtake the GOP, in order to push their weak National defense policies, we cannot allow that to happen, we need to make sure strong National defense and fiscal Conservative policies are apart of all candidates bearing the Republican name.

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Anonymous said...

"Libertarian nutjobs"

Calling people names will only cause them to "bolt" from the GOP.

Eric Dondero said...

Those who are Anti-War are only a small wing of the Libertarian Movement. Most of us Libertarians, certainly Libertarian Republicans, are Pro-War in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here's a List of some prominent Pro-Stong on Defense Libertarians:

Dennis Miller
Neal Boortz
Dana Rohrabacher
Sarah Palin
Larry Elder
PJ O'Rourke

It's my understanding that the candidate you mention has rather middle-of-the-road stances on foreign policy, not extremist like Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

"Republicans should be the fiscal Conservatives in American politics."

And you believe supporting a fake non-fiscal conservative like Tom Cole is a good idea? Tom Cole not only voted for the TARP bailout (both versions), he also voted for the 2008 Pelosi Stimulus, he voted for the "Expanding American Homeownership Act of 2007", Obama's GIVE act, he's voted for every trillion dollar budget since he's been elected, he supports OKC's Maps Initiative, and he has done nothing to stop the destruction of the dollar.

Additionally, he has also helped to destroy our U.S. Constitution with a 50% constitutional rating on votes as reported by the uber-conservative Heritage Foundation. You honestly need to do some research on Tom Cole. The bogus organizations you quote are rating him on abortion and the second amendment.

"Libertarian Republican, RJ Harris"

RJ Harris describes himself as a Constitutional Conservative Republican. And now if you have ever read the constitution you'd understand his position on the "wars" as a constitutional conservative republican. You talk about wars but we currently aren't in a war if we haven't declared it. Furthermore this absolutely ludicrous post:

"R.J. Harris and Congressman Cole are alike on most issues, however, Congressman Cole is strong on National defense, RJ Harris is weak on National defense"

Tom Cole a potential draft dodger with zero military experience understands and is stronger on defense than a 19yr Veteran; are you serious? RJ Harris supports declared, constitutional, just wars. If you don't declare the war then there is no war. The debate needs to come before the war and it needs to be declared. Furthermore, try reading Harris's positions on the issues and doing some research.

Tom Cole is a weak, liberally fiscal, country-club, career politician. It's time to vote out the fake/corrupt republicans and elect constitutional conservative republicans.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't think this many idiots existed on our planet. Your beloved Tom Cole is a corrupt, fiscally liberal, military noob, career politician.

Being anti-war and pro-just-war are two completely different things. Until your neo-cons who helped destroy the Republican Party and our economy with disastrous corporatism, get around to declaring war... we aren't in one.

If you are going to call yourself a conservative then you better understand the constitution.

A libertarian would bitch slap you all over the place in a debate.

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