Friday, November 27, 2009

If not now, when?

The most useless organization in the world, the United Nations, is shocked to learn that Iran is not cooperating in regards to their Nuclear program. At the same time, Conservatives are shaking our heads this afternoon, as it appears the United Nations is taking strong action against Iran, writing another letter.

The average American who has not been diluted with the mental disease (liberalism), knows that Iran is developing Nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and the United States, and most Americans know that we must take action. Though the action we must take is under debate, Conservatives (such as myself) believe we need to launch a joint attack on Iran's Nuclear facilities, because we are down to our final options.

Israel will have to attack within the next few months, because Iran cannot be allowed to have Nuclear weapons to move forward with their planned destruction of the Jewish homeland, the main question which remains, will the United States join Israel in the all important attack on the forces of evil? I cannot answer this question, because we no longer have a President willing to take all measures to defeat evil, we have a President who is more concerned with his destruction of Capitalism, then the planned destruction of Israel.

Regardless of what the United Nations or Liberal idiots will say, this is no longer a time for discussions, timetables, strong worded letters or economic sanctions, it is time to launch a full assault on Iranian facilities, it is time to end this threat, before liberalism leads to the deaths of millions of Innocent people.

If not now, when?

When the Iranians have nuclear weapons pointing towards Israel?

When the Iranians have launched missiles towards Israel?

When we wake up, and Tel Aviv is in complete ruin?

From the moment Iran started their Nuclear program, we should have been preparing a war plan to prevent Iran from achieving their evil goals, however, we are now forced to plan with little time left, and we need to attack before there is no time left. Our allies need us, our future depends on it, and the freedoms which the Israeli and American people have, are in the balance.

We're not gonna take it. It is time to bomb Iran.

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Luke said...

Holy Christ, the stupid just never ends