Monday, November 23, 2009

Republican can win in North Dakota.

North Dakota, along with South Dakota and Montana are interesting states, not because of their open spaces or breathtaking views, but because of their political workings, especially since Republicans are usually elected to the White House, yet, these states have a high volume of sending Liberal Democrats to Congress.

The along came health care, and 62.1% of all residents in North Dakota oppose the current health care plans being pushed in Congress, and if the popular Republican Governor John Hoeven decides to run against Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan next year, Hoeven would win with 54.6% of the vote.

With this in mind, I would hope all Republicans in North Dakota are visiting the Governor's mansion begging for him to run for Senate next year, because he has a great chance of ridding a populist Conservative state of this Liberal hack of a Democrat, and replace the hack with a strong Conservative Republican who has done a good enough job to be elected to the Governor's mansion three times.

Republicans cannot stand behind Duane Sand again, as he attempts another token campaign against Democrats who can be defeated, we need a strong candidate like John Hoeven to take the reigns, and move east from Bismarck to the Nations capitol in Washington D.C., where we really need folks like Mr.Hoeven.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One problem with your post and that is that John Hoeven is not a conservative. Hoeven is out of control spender, ex Democrat, and actually someone who donated to Dorgan not that long ago. John Hoeven wouldn't be radically different from Dorgan. Despite that poll, in a real race Dorgan will unleash the wolves and we'll see if Hoeven can stand tall. We need a conservative to run. Duane Sand would be good if the party would stop being Hoeven puppets and follow him. Paul Sorum from Fargo seems like a fantastic candidate. Conservative (a real conservative) and an economic genuis.
I love your writing and your passion but Hoeven is so far from conservative it isn't even funny. Many of us will not vote for him. He has screwed over a lot of conservatives over the years and you better believe it will be payback time.