Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 3 Republican candidates for President in 2012 - 2.0

Author's note : This is the second article in a new political feature which will be updated numerous times as the Republican primaries near, and the list of candidates grow. These articles may not reflect the views of Jumping in Pools as a whole.

(3) - Mike Huckabee

Polling data has not been good for the former Arkansas Governor, as Huckabee is now the worst performing Republican against Obama according to Rasmussen Reports and Huckabee made a silent attack on Palin earlier this week, a move which Conservatives as a whole will not appreciate.

(2) - Mitt Romney

Though the former Massachusetts Governor is still not in the news enough, recent polling data from Rasmussen Reports indicates the well liked potential candidate is performing the best against Obama, however, with the health care debate in full force, and the horrific health care legislation Romney pushed while head of state in Massachusetts, he is not a strong enough candidate on the leading issue of the hour.

(1) - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has a combination of what Huckabee lacks and what Romney needs. Sarah Palin is the middle of a Nationwide book tour, her Conservative base is energized, over 700,000 books have been sold, rumors about a possible Presidential bid have been fueled through a comment Palin made in Florida, she is well known opponent of the Democratic health care plans, and recent polling data suggests she is gaining in the polls.


Sarah Palin is now the strongest of all potential Republican candidates, Mitt Romney is gaining momentum, however, his promise land will be economic issues as a whole, not health care, and Huckabee appears to be moving towards campaign mode earlier then the other candidates, though his polling numbers are not looking swell.

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