Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Green Footballs - attacks Rush Limbaugh.

Little Green Footballs has attacked various Conservative politicians, websites, bloggers, columnists, and viewpoints over the past several years, as the once beloved blog of the Conservative movement, is now among one of the worst devalued blogs on the Internet. Well, Charles Johnson (the devalued blogger of the devalued blog) is now attacking Rush Limbaugh.

On his front page today, Rush Limbaugh has a prominent link to “Prison Planet,” the website of whacked out conspiracy freakazoid Alex Jones, titled: Algore Photoshops Fake Earth.

And possibly even more ridiculous, Limbaugh says his “official climatologist” is Dr. Roy Spencer — a notorious climate change denier and creationist, who believes “intelligent design” creationism should be taught in schools as if it were science. Dr. Spencer is one of the best examples of the anti-science convergence of climate deniers and creationists.

That’s who Rush Limbaugh’s promoting to millions of people as a reputable expert and global warming “skeptic.”

Where to begin.

1. Alex Jones is a nutjob, however, he did expose the photo shopping methods which Al Gore used for the Cover of his new book. It was a huge part of the Limbaugh segment, is he not suppose to link the photograph? Johnson, you are attacking the messenger not the message.

2. Dr.Spencer does not believe in global warming (notice you now say climate change), he is a Creationist who believes it should be taught at the same level as the theory of evolution is, and did I mention he worked at NASA, so I guess he is anti-science.

3.Rush Limbaugh is promoting a scientist who disagrees with global warming, believes in a Intelligent Designer (what will you say on Judgement day, to the Almighty?), and is anti-science, even though he worked at NASA for years...

The devalued author, Charles Johnson, of the devalued blog, Little Green Footballs, is once again attacking those who disagree with global warming (October, third coldest on record), believe in a Intelligent designer (will being a Christian become a crime next?), and is attacking Rush Limbaugh because he would dare expose his readers to.......the truth.

Also, the readers of Little Green Footballs, are now attacking R.S. McCain, and claim "nobody" reads his website, when he has accumulated over 3,000,000 visitors overall, and over 2,000,000 visitors since early this year, not to mention 63,000 visitors just this week alone.

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