Monday, November 30, 2009

Calling all opinions.

Consider this an open thread, and feel free to send comments to

Who should the Republican nominee for President be in 2012, Sarah Palin? Jim DeMint? Lou Dobbs? Mike Huckabee? John McCain? Please let us know at Jumping in Pools, because the Conservative blogosphere is a diverse realm of political ideas on our side alone, and we value your opinions at Jumping in Pools.

Plus, perhaps it will bring extra attention to darkhorse Republicans who could become perspective candidates, such as DeMint who I support more and more each and every day.

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Unknown said...

I'd prefer someone competent who hasn't run before like Jim DeMint.

Cop-killer pardoning Mike Dukakibee lost a ton of political capital today and I'm not convinced that he can articulately communicate the benefits of conservatism to anyone who isn't already drinking the koolaid of freedom.

Stix said...

I think it is too early to be thinking about the 2012 elections now. I think that we should see what happens in 2010 first.

I really think it is going to be no one on the radar screen.

The only people I like are The Fred and I doubt he will run. And Palin and I do not think she can win even though I like her a lot. I could be wrong and have been in the past, but I just do not see anyone really out there now.

Editor said...

I'd say McCain but he's too old.
I'd say Giuliani but he's unlikely to run this time around.

I don't know. What about Jeb Bush. (I call it if he runs)

Editor said...

Fava -

DeMint sounds good to me. Huckabee lost all of the political capital he had.

Stix -

We are a few years away, however, the campaigns will begin to launch in just 14-16 months. Fred Thompson is a good guy who I admire, however, he is aging.

Palin would be excellent, however, I'm unsure if she will run.

Matt -

McCain again? - It will be hard enough to focus on his Arizona Senate re-election, especially the GOP Primary will be tough.

Giuliani again? - NY Senate. Period.

Jeb Bush? He is a good enough Conservative, however, the Bush name is not well received.

Dale said...

I pick the team of Giuliani/Palin. They compliment each other and are very strong on defense. Defense will be the winning issue by the time Obama gets done surrendering in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

General (Doctor)David Petraeus

Anonymous said...

the virginia governor