Sunday, November 29, 2009

Honduras Presidential election, a success!

Today’s elections in Honduras was a huge victory for democracy and a huge embarrassment for the former leftist President Manuel Zelaya and the Obama White House.


After months of pressure from socialists, communists, and even the Obama White House, the people of Honduras have stood against the push of restoring a dictator wannabe as President, and have elected a new President. A new President who respects the Honduras Constitution, unlike most of the world, which has opposed the following of the important document.

For those who are unaware of the full situation, several months ago the former President of Honduras, a dictator wannabe was pushing a national vote on dissolving term limits, and securing his dream of a dictatorship in Honduras, however, the people of Honduras, the Congress, Supreme Court, members of all political parties, and the Military was on the side of the Honduras Constitution, which declares certain parts of the Constitution cannot be changed.

Dissolving term limits, and pushing a dictatorship is not allowed. Thus, all of the above mentioned, kicked the dictator wannabe the hell out of the Nation (on order from the Honduras Supreme Court, following a requirement in the Constitution), standing for their Constitution, freedoms, Republic, Democracy, and standing against communism, statism, dictatorships, and International pressure to restore a thug who violated their Constitution.

Honduras has just completed a task few Nations in Latin America have ever done, they have stood strong against tyranny in the ballot box, and they have stood proud for their freedoms. A proud day for all freedom loving folks in America, and the world.

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jdcroft2001 said...

This is the best news I have heard all day! I wonder though, if the President will view it in such terms.

r4ds card said...

the party would choose another candidate....look at what happened to Bobby Kennedy, he was pretty close to being the nominee, he was replaced by Humphrey and he lost in a landslide.