Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Going Rogue' Book Review

Book Review: Going Rogue
Sarah Palin, Harper Collins, 2009

Jim Haroldson

I was very eager to get Governor Palin's book. I'd been waiting for it for months and to see that it was coming to my local Barnes and Noble made me quiver with joy. Unfortunately, Utica NY wasn't on Sarah's book tour (at least not yet) so I had to deal with just the book and no autograph (yet).

I spent the next couple of days cloistered in my room, coming down only to eat and to go to work. My wife must have thought that the book contained some revealing pictures of Sarah (lol!).

The book starts out forcefully, with Sarah telling us how the United States is still the greatest country in the world and how we must make sure to retain this status through the pure form of conservatism. She talks about when she was governor of Alaska and how the principles she utilized while governing could transform the US into the dynamic superpower it was when Ronald Reagan was president.

Just like the great Reagan, she taps into American patriotism. She hammers out the greatness of the former president:
Ronald Wilson Reagan, once a member of the US armed forces and Hollywood star, was able to transform American politics with the principles of conservatism.... Despite his divorce, union involvement, and his first wife's abortion, he redirected his principles back to supporting the family.
I read on, tantalized at the future of America if Sarah is elected in 2012. She talks about her early childhood and how a stable family life helped make her into the woman she is.

My father worked long hours, but always made sure to come home and tell us how important we were to him. A good mother and a good father can solve many of society's ills.
Sarah was really racking up the points. She knew what to say and how to say it. There's no way that Ms. Palin won't win in 2012. She talked about America's "glory period" during the 1940s and 1950s.

There were no divisive issues of the day. We all had a job to do-- defeat the Nazis, and we rallied around the flag and got things done, just like our ancestors. There was no argument, just get your gun, or shovel, or tractor, and get to work. After the war, the soldiers had to come home to hear complaints about imperfections in American society. We were closer then to a perfect society than we are now, thank you very much!
Sarah showed that America really knew what it was doing back then-- that we had our eyes on the prize.

And one of the last topics Sarah tackles is the Obamanation Administration. She talks about it after her discussion about the 2008 campaign:
What we have here is a President that is turning our great nation towards Socialism... The same Socialism which has failed repeatedly in Europe and Canada. We have a President unable or unwilling to serve as a competent Commander in Chief. We have a President who has no plan for the economy. We have a President who many doubt was born in this country. We need change, all right, real American change. We need a man (or woman) capable of turning this nation towards free-market liberty and not to the cliff.
Overall, this book was a joy to read. Sarah's voice boomed out at me and her writing style was in a method that I understood. She really laid down the case for conservatism-- the case for American destiny. PALIN 2012!!!

BUY THE BOOK: http://www.amazon.com/Going-Rogue-American-Sarah-Palin/dp/0061939897/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1259125667&sr=8-1

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