Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama: China a 'Shining Democracy'

Wei Pin Yui
CCTV, Nanjing

US Premier Barack H. Obama told a press conference in Beijing that the Chinese republic was a "shining Asian democracy" and that the leadership of the nation should be proud of themselves.

Obama, who does not speak Mandarin stated in a press conference that, "Mr. Jintao should, uh, be proud of China's record of human rights and, uh, fair trade." Mr. Obama did not realize that in China, surnames are placed first.

Obama later stated that China was a "beautiful country" untouched by war in the last hundred years. Obama later lauded the Chinese People's Republic on its cooperation on North Korea and Burma.

"I, uh, am very proud to be here in a society where, uh, such great things as the Great Wall and the great General Tso were created." Obama told Premier Hu. "You people should be very proud."

Obama was told by Chinese officials that it was customary to bow to every member of the Chinese Cabinet. Premier Obama swiftly did this, adding in a conciliatory "sorry" with every bow.

China is very proud to receive the visit of the leader of a second-rate nation such as the American United States of United American States. Premier Hu gave Premier Obama a fruit basket and a tire for his visit.

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r4ds card said...

The only way to stop our troops from dying over there is to bring them home. This can only be done if the American people realize that the Government has lied, distorted, and misrepresented the reason why we are there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh.

My apologies to all reasonable Americans for the clown that resides at the White House.

Cheat codes said...

Is the biggest fear of the americans, is that china one day becomes a democracy?