Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lou Dobbs 2012?

UPDATE: Check out this inteview with the Lou Dobbs 2012 website.

When it was announced that Lou Dobbs was leaving CNN, I suspected as did numerous other bloggers, that Dobbs would be joining Fox News within a few days. Surprisingly, Dobbs has not made one noticeable effort to join Fox News over the past few weeks, however, the political rumor mill has been red hot in regards to the former CNN host.

Discussions have been ongoing as to if Dobbs will seek the United States Senate seat against current Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez (New Jersey) in 2012. Menendez is one of the most pro-amnesty legislators in the United States Congress, and Lou Dobbs has been a harsh opponent of illegal immigration, much to fanfare on the right side of the political spectrum.

Though we are several years from the Senate election in New Jersey, I doubt the rumors circulating around Dobbs will end soon, especially since some fans of Dobbs are hoping that he makes the ultimate bid into American politics, a run for the Oval office. While to the average political junkie a Dobbs run is laughable, however, considering he has a large base, Dobbs does have several stances which Conservatives will like, and his Presidential ambitions are well known, the discussion is valid.

Being a Conservative Republican, I would prefer a strong Presidential bid from a Governor, Senator, or even a Congressman over a former talk show host, however, if Dobbs we're to seek the Republican nomination (I doubt for one minute, he would run as a Independent), he would probably receive the same fanfare and support which Pat Robertson was able to garner when he ran for the Republican nomination in 1988.

With all opinions, facts, and wonderfully phrased sentences behind us, it will come down to what Mr.Dobbs has in mind for his future, and whether or not he wants to run for the United States Senate or even for the White House, as a political junkie, a run for the US Senate would be his best bet.

Then again, others believe a Dobbs run for President would be the best for all of us, , as annoying and frustrating draft websites are three years before the election, it does indicate a possible candidate does have some support, though it does not guarantee that the candidate has a lot of support.

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