Saturday, November 28, 2009

Washington to grow more partisan? Ya think!

Sometimes I wonder, if the American people are as stupid as they seem. Especially in regards to polls asking if Washington D.C. is going to become more partisan or cooperative, because the sane individual should understand the meaning of Democrats in control.

Democrats in control = Corruption.

Though Democrats attempt to bring Republicans along for the hell ride, in most cases the Democrats in Congress and the White House are pushing through horrific legislation without Republican support, or minuscule support at the least. Not to mention, Democrats are locking Republicans out of discussions, Obama never invites Republican legislators to toss around "ideas" about the situations which face America today, and if no Republicans will join the Democrats, Democrats push through legislation without regards of the effect.

According to poll released earlier this month via Rasmussen Reports, 23% of Americans expect Washington politics to grow more cooperative, this after Democrats have rammed the stimulus package, cap & trade, health care, and judicial nominees down our throats over the past several months, not to mention Democrats have called those on the opposite side of the health care debate un-american, Nazis, operatives, etc.

I swear, these polls are going to be the death of me, because the stupidity on display is just heart breaking to understand such idiocracy amongst the American people.

Rasmussen Reports poll on partisanship -

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