Monday, November 30, 2009

Senator DeMint for President - southern charm.

Author's note - I have written numerous articles advocating Senator DeMint run for the Republican Nomination, as he is the best candidate of all the perspective Republican candidates that have been discussed or mentioned.

Senator Jim DeMint (R - South Carolina), has been one of the leading voices in the Conservative opposition of the Obama agenda over 2009 legislation session, he was also a harsh opponent of big government, and wasteful spending when President Bush was still in office. Senator DeMint is a legislator all Americans can agree with on one issue or another, as his strong stance for Capitalism is welcomed during these tough times, his devotion to freedom is unwavering, and his commitment to social Conservatism is inspiring.

Senator DeMint is also not afraid to go against the Republican establishment, as though he supports the Republican candidate in the end (as do I), he is a fierce promoter of the Conservative Republican, whether it be Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd congressional district, Marco Rubio in Florida, or Chuck DeVore in California's upcoming Senate election, he is beholden to Conservatism first and foremost.

With the expected end to Mike Huckabee's political ambitions, this leaves the Southern American without a front runner in the 2012 Republican Primaries, as Sarah Palin regardless of how Conservative she might be, is from Alaska, and Mitt Romney will not win Southern Evangelical voters.

Leaving Senator DeMint with a golden opportunity, considering DeMint is a candidate who can appeal to South Carolina Conservatives, while gaining support from Montana Libertarians, and securing the votes of National defense oriented Republicans in the New England states. DeMint can achieve what Huckabee could not, a nationwide coalition which leads to the Republican nomination, and a candidate with some good ole' southern charm.

Senator DeMint is not only a candidate who the average American will support, and a well funded grassroots will flock to, he is a candidate who can win the all important southern states, while appealing to single issue voters and large segments of the Republicans diverse base.

If you support a Senator DeMint run for the President of the United States, please send your comments to

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