Friday, November 20, 2009

Giuliani leads Gillibrand in possible Senate race.

Polling was conducted by the Siena Research Institute.

With the political world erupting over the news Giuliani is leaning towards a run for the United States Senate, a political poll released on Tuesday probably had some effect on Giuliani's reasoning of whether or not a run would be worth it.

With under 12 months to the 2010 Senate election, Giuliani leads Gillibrand by a 49-43% margin, this is the first time Gillibrand has posted an over 40% showing in months, however, at that time she was leading Giuliani, she now trails Giuliani with just 8% of voters unsure about the election next fall.

While polling data is not an exact science, it is an indicator of the political attitude of the American or in this case the New York electorate as a whole, and when a Republican has near 50% support in New York state politics, that is warning shot to Democrats, and it is a good sign for Republicans. Giuliani should run for Senate, all of the roads point towards victory, the question is whether or not he is ready for battle.

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1 comment:

jdcroft2001 said...

Would love to see Rudy run against Gillibrand for the NY Senate seat. As much as I would love to see Schumer voted out of office, I have little respect for the junior senator. She modeled herself as a blue dog democrat to win election to the House, but since her ascendence to the Senate she has shown her true self. She doesn't deserve that seat and should be removed post haste!