Monday, November 30, 2009

Interview: LouDobbs4President.Net

Jumping in Pools is proud to present you with the 29th interview in our series. Michael Hancock is the draft chairman for the efforts to bring former CNN host Lou Dobbs into the Presidential race. He runs the site Lou Dobbs 4 President. In his own words: "I'm just a regular middle class guy with a wife and two small kids that loves our country just like every other American that lives here does and I want a better America for my kids and this was the best thing I could think of to maybe help make that happen."

#1. Why 2012? What makes this coming election different than previous ones?

Well I started the website(s) back in 2006 I believe it was and it was a draft Lou Dobbs 2008 campaign at the time. Now I just moved it for the next opportunity which is 2012.

#2. Does Lou Dobbs have any glaring weaknesses in running for President?

Personally I think Lou wouldn't have any more or any less weaknesses than any other candidate. Depending on who they are of coarse. I think one thing he'll have to do is move back closer to center. Also he has to get the message out to people to not believe the anti Lou Dobbs noise from the illegal immigration groups. Lou Dobbs in not against immigration. He's against ILLEGAL immigration just as the rest of us should be. Plus he's never held office which I think is a plus for him.

#3. What untold strength would Dobbs have?

Again he is not part of the Washington beltway but he knows how Washington works. He also has a good financial background which can only help in this economic climate. I believe he can bring a common sense approach to governing and he believes in governing from the Constitution and Bill of rights. Other strengths would be he has a large following already from his CNN show so a lot of people know of him already or in the least have heard of him. So he has good name recognition.

#4. What inspired you to create your site?

Well I was sitting in 2006 reading yet another news story about all the good jobs that were leaving this country every day of the week and seeing the total screw up job George Bush was doing at the time and I thought to myself "who in the country would make the best president?". Someone for the working class that built this country and would have a common sense approach. I wanted someone that was going to give a damn about my two little girls and what kind of future they were going to have in our country when they grew up. Also his boarder stance. While some try to make his stance on closing our boarders as some kind of anti Mexican issue it isn't. There are people of every nationality crossing over our boarders every day and we don't even know who, what or where and that's a scary thing.

So I found myself in agreement with him on a lot of issues. In the end he just seemed to have the common sense thinking that was and still is lacking in our government. He also has the guts to tell it the way it is. So I narrowed it down to Lou Dobbs. At that time he listed every company or corporation that was heading out of the country on his show and his anger about this bleeding of good paying American jobs was to me, very genuine and in line with the way most other Americans were thinking. So it was my love for our country that inspired me to try and do something to change it for the better. What I came up with was the Lou Dobbs for President 2008 website(s).

#5. Would you rather have Lou Dobbs run as a third-party candidate or for the Republican nomination? Why?

I would like to have Lou run as the Independent that he is. I saw a poll recently that said something like 35% considered themselves Independent compare to 28% Republican and 38% Democrat. Those numbers may be off a little but the point is it was almost dead even between the three parties. Meaning there are a lot more American today that consider themselves Independents than I think at any other time. I also believe most Americans see the two party system as being one and it doesn't matter which one they vote for because again they are one in the same. I think if Lou ran as an Independent he would get a huge following which would in turn bring even more in once they saw how popular a good Independent candidate could be. Despite the main street media and some political pondants that are always trying to make an Independent or third party candidate out to be useless.

We would like to thank Michael for the interview. Please check out his site.

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