Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To draft, or not to draft.

For over 100 years, the United States drafted millions of Americans into the Armed forces to fight for their Nation against all forms of evil, including slavery, Nazism, communism, etc. During that time, the Supreme Court and numerous other Courts in the land we're presented with several cases involving the Draft, and all of them ruled the Draft to be Constitutional.

Thus, the question of the Draft involves whether or not we want a Armed forces recruited or if we want a Armed forces ordered to serve for their Nation. I believe, like 72% of my fellow Americans that we should have an all-volunteer Military, for many reasons, including the fact it is apart of our heritage, and that when the call of duty comes, large portions of Americans will answer that call.

While Conservatives might debate the issue like we would any other question with division involved, our Libertarian cousins are adamantly opposed to the Draft, without question. Just ask Eric Dondero of the Libertarian Republican, according to Mr.Dondero, the Draft is a very important issue to Libertarians, "Conservatives for the most part, don't have particularly strong feelings on the issue; never have. But to their libertarian cousins, this is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts. It strikes at the very core of our libertarianism", and believes it could strike a political gain, "Of course, we libertarians would like to see even more conservatives come on board. And they don't even have to do it from a principled issues stance, but rather a practical political calculation: This is one issue where they can embarrass the hell out of the Left, and win votes away from Democrats of America's young people.".

Rasmussen Reports has just released polling data in regards to the Draft, their findings is that 67% of Americans believe we should not have a Draft, 72% of Americans favor an all-volunteer military, and on a side note, just 21% of Americans believe more youngsters in the military is better then more youngsters in College, a view I share.

The question is, should the Draft ever be reinforced? That is where folks like myself begin to question those who are 100% opposed to the Draft in all of its forms, because if we are involved in a massive world war with China or another large Nation, and we need additional troops which cannot wait for folks to enlist, I believe the draft should be used. Only in extreme circumstances, but never the less.

I support a all-volunteer Armed force, however, if the time ever arose when we would need millions of additional soldiers, that is why we have the Selective Service, something all young men should sign up for, because one day your Country could need you.

Thoughts, comments, and opinions?

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