Saturday, November 28, 2009

Capitalist bloggers need your help.

Authors note : Regardless if I had a full time job or if Unemployed as I am now, I would still be blogging, because I love this site, I enjoy writing, and I have become a very influential blogger.......perhaps not, but still.

Lets face it, the job market is horrible. Leaving folks like me, to write on blogs like this, in hopes of adding a few more bucks into my bank account. For other bloggers, such as R.S. McCain this is a full time job to provide for his family.

With the above in mind, let us remember the hundreds of Capitalist bloggers out there who are begging for hits, clicks on advertisements, and 1 dollar donations via pay pal. This is the Christmas season, meaning our hit levels will decrease, the news stories will slow down, and begging will continue. the case of McCain, I expect he is going to have a talk with his Wife, and explain how blogging is like the lottery, you can invest hundreds of dollars and countless hours on the lottery, however, you might get lucky once or twice.

Please keep this in mind when visiting Capitalist bloggers, a lot of us are depending on you the reader, and some of us have been thrown into mental institutions because of our obsessive nature of watching the click meters. We are just hard working, pajamas wearing bloggers in need of help.

R.S. McCain begging for tips -

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