Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Like Dick Cheney

I know that everyone has a lot of fun making fun of Dick Cheney. But maybe that just means he's cool. I mean, if a guy is a popular target for dumb college kids and entitled hippies, then maybe he's not that bad of a guy.

I wasn't a fan of the man until 2004, when he bucked party Orthodoxy and declared his support for gay marriage. This was a neat little thing that endeared me to him. He's a shrewd, intelligent politician who is able to accomplish things and wasn't a bad Secretary of Defense.

The worst thing he did as VP was get hammered and shoot his best friend in the face. I mean, if I had a quarter for every time that happened. He was surprisingly open and unapologetic about his role in U.S. policy and was just an interesting guy.

So, Dick, I guess you did a good job, I guess.


Anonymous said...

how can you like this guy, i mean no offence but him and bush together are both just modern day hitler's. dont let his views on gay marriage fool you, he's still the same nutcase who wants coutnries invaded for no reason

Editor said...

Dick Cheney is an American hero, is a Conservative leader, a man who knows what he believes in, and is a proud American - as well as his wife, Mrs.Lynne Cheney.

I disagree with Cheney on the issue of gay marriage, but I agree with him on almost everything else - he is a great American, and I wish he ran for President as well. They are not modern day hitlers, incase you have not heard you left wing fanatic nutjob - we have won the War in Iraq, Iraq is now in their command, we are now just ground support.

Hitler pushed his agenda of being a dictator across the world.

Bush, Cheney, Conservatives, and the Republican party pushed freedom - as well as destroying a dictator. I only wish George H.W. Bush took Saddam out of office bakc in 1991.

Anonymous said...

I hate...