Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ten Greatest Articles of All Time

We here at Jumping in Pools have compiled a list of the Top Ten view-getters in our blog's history. Sit back and enjoy the numbers:

Total Views All-Time: 140,176 Page Views

Top Ten Articles of All-Time:

1. "Obama to Change Military Oath," written by Matthew: 61, 480 views, or 43.9%
2. "Guns to be Banned for Elderly," written by Matthew: 7,262 views, or 5.2%
3. "Fallout 3 Review," written by Michael: 5,473 views, or 3.9%
4. "Obama Planning America Scouts," written by Matthew: 3,960 views, or 2.8%
5. "Joe's Babe of the Week: Nancy Pelosi," written by the Avitabile Brothers: 2,649 views, or 1.9%
6. "Obama Genetically Superior," written by Matthew: 2,197, or 1.6%
7. "Mint Contemplates Putting Obama on Quarter," written by Michael: 1,512 views, or 1.1%
8. "Proof Surfaces of Obama Being Born on Cruise Ship," written by Michael: 1,381, or 0.99%
9. "Shock as Obama Declares Dinars American Currency," written by Matthew: 1,165 views, or 0.83%
10. "Obama Heard Calling Secretary Clinton a "Broad,"" written by the Avitabile Brothers: 1,128 views, or 0.8%

Bold= Satire

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Editor in Chief said...

Well, I figured atleast one of my many articles would draw a top ten finish. Only one thing sells more then sex, satire.

Snake42 said...

Where are the articles by that guy Joe? Doesn't he write at all