Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why we have a chance to win in the New York Senate election.

When it was announced that Kirsten Gillibrand would be appointed to be Senator of the United States representing New York as the Junior Senator, I expected we might have a good chance to defeat her with either Congressman King or Governor Pataki. In the months since - she has supported the most liberal of legislation, leading to a improvement of my belief that we might have a chance to defeat her.

Enter in Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from downstate, according to a newly released Rasmussen Reports poll on the 2010 Democrat Senate primary - Maloney leads Gillibrand 33-27% with 30% unsure. With a tough primary-election upcoming, the Republican candidate can sit back & let the two Democrats kill each other, and then when either one has reduced funds - attack them with the strongest most potent information one can find.

We have a chance, can we pull this off? We nearly did against Clinton the first time, however this is a better chance for us to finally have a Republican from New York in the United States Senate, what will happen? As always - you never know when it comes to elections.

Rasmussen poll -

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