Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bending the flag code & disrespecting Republicans.

Bending the flag code :

Upon the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, the flag codes of the United States Flag has been bent for political reasons. As the flag code requires that the flag be flown at half-staff on the day that a member of the United States Congress dies, and the day afterwards. The only exception is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as the Speaker is third in line to the office of President.

Procedure was broken to fit political bends of the death of Senator Kennedy. As instead of following the normal protocol of the American flag at half-staff for two days, Obama used another power in the flag code to issue an proclamation to fly the flag at half-staff, to politically & specially favor Kennedy, a fellow liberal. When the process for a Senator or Congressman is already defined, he instead used the power of Presidential proclamation which is attended for events or deaths which do not fall under the current guidelines.

Disrespecting Republicans :

CNN is known for being a liberal news network, however, they are not as crazed as the fools on MSNBC, although perhaps worse, because some normal Americans actually watch their network. Anyway, the daughter of Andy Rooney was on CNN, and made this comment in regards to whether or not a Republican would receive the same treatment as Kennedy has, she commented "Well I don't think there's anybody like Ted Kennedy. I don't know what Republican senator would have deserved it frankly. I was trying to think, any, even any living president I don't think at this point would get the kind of attention. Which one? If George Bush one or two died tomorrow, I'm not sure they would get the same kind of accolades."

Given the fact no-one should have received this kind of media treatment, unless they are a passed President, I find this answer disturbing. As she pretty much said that no Republicans deserve any accolades for their service to this Nation if they happened to die tomorrow. How about Senator McCain? A war hero. Senator Bunning? President Bush?

Then again we have to look at the past, as Senator Helms received far less coverage then Kennedy's passing, and even the obituary articles in the New York Times we're ideologically pointed. Also, when President Ford passed along, I do not remember wall to wall media coverage either.

In conclusion, I believe we can learn one thing from liberal commentators & Presidents, everything is based on ideology, even the way the flag code operates is based on their ideology, and disrespecting Republicans.

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