Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The seven reasons why the Republican party will win big in 2010.

The seven reasons why the Republican party will win big in the 2010 election cycle.

Reason #7 - Natural occurrence in electoral process.

Nearly every election year after the Presidential election, the political party of the President, tends to lose seats in both the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate. The 2010 election cycle will be no different, as the economy continues to flutter, hundreds of thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs, and the foreclosure rate looks bleak for the future. Not to mention younger Americans tend to not vote in mid-term elections, leaving a better chance for the Republican party to mobilize voters against the natural decline in Democrat voters. Please be in mind, on a rare occasion, Republicans did increase their majority in 2002, because of National Security concerns.

Reason #6 - National Security issues.

The Obama administration & Democratic party should expect a major backlash when it comes to National Security issues, as the American people are overwhelmingly against bringing Gitmo terrorists to the United States, in any form. A key goal of liberal Democrats, but the arch enemy of Conservative Republicans and the American people. The Obama administration has also been lax in its attitude towards dangerous threats in North Korea and Iran, while also ignoring the freedom protesters in Iran, while going on "apology" tours across the world, and the horrible action of siding with dictators during the Honduras situation.

However, one major National Security policy might trump all others, the hostile attitude towards the Nation of Israel, in terms of the Jewish settlements, the authorization of one billion dollars to Hamas (suppose to go to the Gaza strip, however, lets remember who actually controls the Gaza strip), the non-relationship that has been built, not to mention Obama currently has a 7% approval rating (only 7% believe Obama is pro-Israel) from the citizens of Israel.

Reason #5 - Democratic Senators unpopular.

One problem for the Democrats, might be the Democrats themselves. Polling data has shown that Senator Christopher Dodd is in deep trouble in Connecticut due to scandals involving favorable loans, among other things. The Republican candidate, Rob Simmons, has held a steady ten point lead for the past several months. The Senate seat in Illinois is also in danger, as recent Democrat corruption as given Republicans an opportunity to reclaim Barack Obama's old Senate seat in the 2010 election cycle.

Democratic worry zones also include Delaware (no confirmed Democratic candidates, and Republican Congressman Mike Castle has a large lead over possible candidate, Joe Biden's son), Arkansas, and even Senator Barbara Boxer in California has not done well in polling. The largest concern has to be Nevada, as Senator Reid is highly unliked in the state of Nevada, according to a recent poll the Chairman of the Nevada Republican party leads him 48-42%, when she has not even declared her intent to run for the Senate. Please be minded, Republicans expect tough fights in Kentucky, Ohio, New Hampshire, and possibly Florida.

Reason #4 - Americans are capitalistic, free market people, who are sick of government bailouts, and are money wary.

The American people are Capitalistic, free market, fiscal Conservative, small government, freedom loving people. Which is another reason why the Republican party will regain many seats during the 2010 elections. The Republican party is the only major Capitalistic party in the United States, who believes in fiscal Conservatism, free markets, low taxes, and a non-economic involved government.

The Obama administration & Democrats have pushed bailouts for the automobile industry, for the banking industry (please remember, while Bush supported the bailouts of the banking industry, the vast majority of Republicans were against them, while the vast majority of Democrats were for them), and financial regulations that break all barriers that stand between the free market & big government. Not to mention the deficit which is being increased every day, taxes which are being levied upon all Americans (higher taxes on wealthy Americas, taxes on tobacco, not to mention tax hikes if the Bush tax cuts expire), and the just out of control government spending through the stimulus, the budget, volunteer legislation, cap & trade, and now health care.

The American people have had enough.

Reason #3 - Backlash against the Democratic plan for health care "reform".

If you google any polling company, you will find a constant result, the American people are opposed to Obamacare by large numbers, and those that strongly oppose the legislation are at times a double digit majority against those that strong support. Add that with the Town Hall meetings & protests which have sprung up around the Nation, which has led to the Democrat leaders revealing their true feelings about the American people - as they believe they are AstroTurf, nazi sympathizers, and just "not representatives of the American people".

The basics of the legislation have Americans scared beyond their wits - as the increased costs, the taxes, the forced mandates, the un-constitutionality of the legislation, the un-capitalistic nature of the legislation, the fact the government has no role to be in it, and that no-one has any right to health insurance. Not to mention, we have the greatest health care system in the world, where any American can get the greatest treatment in the world, health insurance or not. The Republican party has stood strong against the Obama health care plan, and even RNC Chairman Michael Steele is challenging the Democrats to pass the legislation, go ahead try it.

Reason #2 - Principled stances by Republican party.

The Republican party has made principled stances on almost all legislation during the 2009 legislative session, especially the most important legislation which has come across the desk of lawmakers :

Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act of 2009 (legislation that violated a United States Supreme court ruling, and allowed women to sue employers from up to 20 years later, after alleged discrimination took place, instead of the original 6 months, which was upheld by the Supreme Court) - Only three Republicans in the House of Representatives, and only a handful as well in the United States Senate.

Stimulus legislation - Only three Republicans combined supported this legislation, as all in the House voted against it, and three Republican Senators supported it in the Senate, one of them, Arlen Specter, is no longer in the party.

Omnibus legislation - Two dozen Republicans at the most supported this legislation, as over 180 Republicans were against this legislation at the least.

Cap & trade legislation - Only 8 Republicans supported this legislation in the House of Representatives, 168 opposed the legislation (two we're absent at the time of the vote) in the House, and it is currently dead in the United States Senate.

Matthew Shepard act (legislation which would violate the Constitution by giving special protections to crimes against homosexual individuals, when the person in question, was attacked for reasons not related to his sexuality, and the murderer was sent to jail without the legislation, thus proving it to be null & void.) - Only 23 Republicans supported this legislation, and all Conservative Republicans opposed it without question.

Not to mention all Republicans are currently opposed to the Obamacare proposals.

Reason #1 - America is a Conservative Nation.

40% of Americans are Conservatives, according to Gallup. 39% of Americans are Moderates. 21% of Americans are Liberal. Break it down even further, Americans are social Conservative by good sized margins, Americans are fiscal Conservatives without opposition, and Americans are National Security Americans without question.

Americans are sick and tired of all of the big government liberal legislation, policy, and thought that is currently in Washington D.C., they punished the Republicans in 2006 & 2008 because they did not stick to core principles, the American people are now going to punish the Democrats for being as far-left, as the promised they wouldn't be. If Conservatism is on the Republican line, the Republicans will win back America in 2010.



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Mr. d said...

Another reason, Joe C. will be running for Senate!

Editor said...

Exactly, he is a Democrat. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Two of your statements make absolutely no sense here. If you remember Bush started the government bailouts so it makes no sense to say that America is sick of them and will automatically go back to Republicans just because of that. Second, America is not money wary at all. Are you kidding me? America has the lowest APS or average propensity to save and from that economics it showed that America was almost at 0 because people are stupid and buy more then they can handle with credit cards. That was by far the worst statement to have said when resorting back to republicans because republicans are for corporations that keep people in debt like the banks. Wow you are stupid!

Editor said...

You have got to be kidding me.

1.George Bush supported that, close to 70% of the Republicans did not.

2.We are money wary! We are sick of the wasted spending, the bailouts, etc. Do you read the polls?

3.Republicans are for corporations that are for putting people in debt? Wow, there is a researched response. Howabout, those peopple put themselves in debt. Republicans are for all Americans succeeding, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Sirchadthepro said...

How many people do the polls include? I bet its less than the people who voted for american idol hahahahahaha. Polls mean nothing. Im just saying. Also, the bush administration let banks do what they wanted with credit card interest rates which you know nothing about because your so young and when they raise interest rates it makes it impossible for most people to get out of the debt... dont you watch the news!!!

Editor said...

I just can't stand these idiots. Lets consider the following :

1.If the people actually spend what they only had, they wouldn't be in debt.

2.It is the business of the credit card companies, to make money on interest.

3.The government has no role in it.

4.The regulations are actually going to hurt Americans more, as it is going to be harder to get credit, among other things.

Sirchadthepro said...

Your statement on 1 and 2 are just obvious and 3 and 4 contradict themselves. Who do you think comes up with regulations on credit card companies and the banks... its funny how with your argument you state that its going to be harder for americans to get credit cards like its a bad thing. Take econ 101!