Friday, August 28, 2009

Crist picks replacement for Martinez.

Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, a Republican, has selected his appointment to replace Senator Martinez in the United States Senate. Anyone who knows the ins & outs of the Florida Senate election in 2010, knows that Charlie Crist is running for Senate against Marco Rubio, a more Conservative former Speaker of the House in Florida, thus Crist would only select a Crist loyal to hold the seat.

Enter in George LeMieux, former chief of staff for Governor Crist, and a man who has absolutely no experience in being an elected representative, or in any form of elected office. While LeMieux was by most considered a dark horse candidate for the Senate seat, he was the closest to a "Charlie Crist Republican" then the rest of the candidates, which should scare all Americans. As Crist is not a full blown Conservative, hell, he even was in the tank for the Obama stimulus, which only three, err, two Republicans in the entire United States Congress supported.

As for me, I support Marco Rubio for the Republican Nomination in the 2010 Senate election, as we need more of Jim DeMint Conservatism, and less of the Charlie Crist Moderationliberalism.

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