Monday, August 24, 2009

The GREATEST Article Race

All right everybody, I want everyone to comment on this article, and that means you, Chad and Mr. K.

As you all know, I've done The Great Article Race semi-monthly for seven months now, so I figure I'll do one to categorize every article we've ever written. Now, don't be foolish, I can't name them all, but I will mention how many pageviews we've had since November 10, 2009, the very day we got an internet program to track our hits. This should be a hefty, statistics filled piece, so enjoy!


November- 6,954 Views
December- 2,404 Views (Our Lowest Month)
January- 51,985 Views (Matt's Military Oath Article Broke into the Mainstream)
February- 69,604 Views
March- 38,982 Views
April- 13,897 Views (The Tracker was Inoperative for Half this Month)
May- 96,652 Views (The Biggest Month, Mike's Miss California Article Hit Big)
June- 48,850 Views
July- 41,299 Views
August (So Far)- 37,703 Views

FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF... 408,278 Views


Matthew- 790 Articles
Michael- 499 Articles
Mr. K- 278 Articles
Sirchadthepro- 17 Articles
Joe C.- 18 Articles, though one had no words and one had only a single sentence
Eli- 5 Articles
Alezend- 4 Articles
Aleph Shah- 3 Articles
Elsewhere- 2 Articles
Lute Barnes- 2 Articles

FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF... 1,618 Articles


The Biggest Articles of All-Time:

1. Military to Pledge Oath to Obama, by Matthew, with 77,444 Views, or 19% of the Views

2. Article About Miss California Nude Picture, by Michael, with 51,500 Views, or 12.6% of the Views

3. Obama to Sell B-2 Bomber Blueprints to China, by Matthew, with 13,011 Views, or 3.2% of the Views

4. Guns to Be Banned for Elderly, by Matthew, with 8,316 Views, or 2% of the Views

5. Fallout 3 Review, by Michael, with 6,186 Views, or 1.5% of the Views

6. Obama to Launch America Scouts, by Matthew, with 4,895 Views, or 1.2% of the Views

7. Sotomayor: Gun Ownership Unconstitutional, by Matthew, with 4,893 Views, or 1.2% of the Views

8. Miss California Topless Photos Strike Blow for Gay Marriage, by Matthew, with 4,040 Views, or 1% of the Views

9. Joe's Babe of the Week (Nancy Pelosi), by the Avitabile Brothers, with 3,421 Views, or .8% of the Views

10. Government Attempting to Seize Smith & Wesson, by Matthew, with 2,629 Views, or .6%

11. Obama Genetically Superior, Say Scientists, by Matthew, with 2,541 Views

12. New Xbox Planned for this Year, by the Avitabile Brothers, with 2,442 Views

13. Joe's Look-Alike of the Day, by Michael, with 2,304 Views

14. Proof Surfaces of Obama Being Born on Cruise Ship, by Michael, with 2,082 Views

15. Palin to Join Obama Cabinet, by Matthew, with 2,079 Views

16. Will the Republican Party Learn in New York?, by Mr. K, with 2,056 Views

17. US Mint Contemplating Putting Obama On Quarter, by Michael, with 2,003 Views

BOLD= Satire


Sirchadthepro's largest article of all-time is Dota Hero Builds, with 250 Views
E_D_Casabonne's biggest article of all-time is Is Obama Satan?: The Anti-Christ Test, with 1,069 Views
Alezend's greatest article of all-time is After Fox News of Canada, Pentagon says invading is "a Good Idea," with 165 Views
Aleph Shah's hugest article of all-time is Money Can't Buy Everything..., with 41 Views
Joe C.'s gluten-1st article of all-time is Swine Flu, Retro Style (Which Had NO Words), with 10 Views
UPDATE: Joe's article about Swine Flu has exploded as of late, getting 87 total views!


Matthew has the most comments, Michael is second, Mr. d is third, and Mr. K is forth with the number of posts. However, the number of posts is not the only measure of comments, but also quality and originality. That means...

Well, hands down it has to be Innominatus, who's our biggest fan and our favorite commentor. Here's to you, Inno!


- Joe C.
hasn't written on the blog the entire summer.
- We've written over 2,000 articles all-time.
- We've broken #250,000 on Alexa's ranking of top websites.
- Sirchadthepro and thecid are our newest writers
- We have been referenced on World Net Daily, an NRA Magazine, Gateway Pundit, and, in particular, Snopes three times!
- Joe C.'s favorite subject is himself.

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Editor said...

Joe really needs to write more. Glad to see Tim in the top 20

Sirchadthepro said...

Wow, quite the overview and hopefully i can write some decent articles after school starts and i have more loose time to think about or read about something. My first month of writing i hope has contributed a little in helping the blog diverse.

Aurelius said...

Yup, good work guys

Mr. d said...

What happened to Lute Barnes?
He was the best!

Editor said...

Glad to be in the top 20. A post calling for Conservatism to re-unite the GOP & Conservative Party in the 23rd congressional district, how could a post be better? I have a feeling this blog will reach over 47,000 pageviews this month.

Joe C. said...

I might not write a lot, but at least I'm better than Mr. K.