Sunday, August 30, 2009

Democrat Sheriff sentenced to 5 years, party affiliation not mentioned.

I believe being a Sheriff of a County, is the most honorable position one man could possibly hold, as like no other elected position, the absolute trust by the voters in your county, that you will uphold the law, and run a crime fighting administration is beyond any other elected position in all forms & levels of government.

Living in a County where the Sheriff's department are the big boys, the office of Sheriff is even more important. While the election of Sheriff results in a Republican being selected (no problems there), when an contested election does pop up, it is usually brutal.

Sadly, some do not take the office of Sheriff as an honorable position, but rather use it for illegal means, and corrupt the office altogether. Enter Sheriff Reymundo Guerra, a Democrat from Starr County Texas, who was convicted of drug trafficking this week, trafficking in alliance with drug cartels in Mexico, he was sentenced to five years. For some reason his sentence was reduced.

This story is a big one down in that Texas region, and for all of the major media outlets, not one has covered the fact that he was a Democrat. However, if the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor (Sheriff Kim Guadagno, of Monmouth County) selected by New Jersey Republican candidate Chris Christie, whom is running for Governor, was convicted & sentenced on charges of drug trafficking, I guarantee the media both local & national would be on the story.

The media, both local & national is pathetic, as they even let their political bias get in the way of reporting convictions of local Sheriff's, who is an elected official, with an official party registration.

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