Thursday, August 27, 2009

Palin V. Obama on experience.

I know that the questions over the experience of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama is as old as the day is long, however, to make a genuine point about who was & still is more experienced among the two.

Sarah Palin -
Member of Wasilla City Council for four years, 1992-1996.
Mayor of Wasilla Alaska for six years, 1996-2002.
Nearly defeated Loren Leman in the Republican Primary for Lt.Governor, losing by just 2,000 votes during the 2002 Gubernatorial election.
Chairperson of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Committee, 2003-2004, resigned due to corruption.
Defeated the Republican incumbent in the 2006 Republican primary for Governor, and later defeated the Democrat by over 30,000 votes. She has successfully put forth all or most of the agenda she campaigned on.
Selected as Vice-President candidate for Republican party, in 2008 Presidential election.

Barack Obama -
Elected State Senator in Illinois, 1996-2004.
Failed in attempt to defeat Congressman Rush, in Democrat congressional primary.
Elected United States Senator, 2004-2008* (considering he really only worked two years, before campaigning for President).
Elected President of the United States, 2009 -

Palin has more executive experience then Obama, has served in more offices at all levels, and defeated incumbents in her own party through hard work, unlike Obama who is known for forcing out other candidates during his State Senate campaigns.

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