Saturday, August 29, 2009

Democrats just love Conservative not really.

Democrats have complained about Republicans being "intolerable" for years upon years, when in reality the Republican party is very diverse in political opinion, as we have Conservatism, we have Libertarians in the party, we have mixed Republicans (Conservative in some aspects, and Libertarian or liberal in others), we also have liberal Republicans. For the 70% of the Republican party which is Conservative, the other aspects tend to annoy us, especially when the party & Nation are Conservative as a whole, yet the GOP tends to support more centrist candidates.

How do we deal with liberal Republicans? We usually attempt to kick them out via the Primary season, which was the plan of action with Senator Specter, however, he is nothing but a turncoat.

How does the Democrat party deal with Conservative Democrats? Not well, not well at all.

Enter former United States Senator Zell Miller, a Democrat from Georgia, who is far more Conservative then the rest of his party, to the point of openly endorsing President Bush at the 2004 RNC convention, some have compared him to National Security Conservative Joe Lieberman, who has also received the shaft from the Democrat party. Miller is nearly as Conservative as I am, to the point that Democrats created this idiotic petition.

"The Democratic Voters of the United States if America does hereby DIVORCE former Democratic Governor Zell Miller. Statements and Actions of the formerly-Democratic U.S. Senator have irretrievably broken the bonds that formerly existed between us and we view any previous ties to Miller as null and void. The Democratic Voters of the USA cites the following factual grounds:

1. Miller's endorsement of the sitting Republican President before even the first primary to select among the diverse choices for Democratic Nominee in the 2004 election.
2. Abandonment and dereliction of his duties to ALL the people of Georgia as a U.S. Senator to, on an almost daily basis, appear on far Right talk-radio networks and on Republican sponsored TV forums for the sole purpose of relentlessly bashing members of the Democratic Party.
3. His shameless and self-serving promotion of his Democrat-Bashing Book on those same networks and at every Republican forum, appearance and bar-b-que he could physically attend in the last year and a half.
4. His lone advocacy of the repeal of 17th amendment of the U.S. Constitution which provides for free and direct election of U.S. Senators in favor of the former pre-1900s racial and gender-biased appointment by State Legislatures.
5. His over 90% voting record in lock-step with a far-Right Republican agenda and in defiance of even the most centrist and moderate members of his former Party.
6. His agreement to give a nationally-televised speech at the Republican Convention and add his attention-drunk voice to a four-day frenzied chorus of vociferous accusations and patriotism-questioning of those Americans not aligned with the most divisive President in our History.
7. His willingness to act as the pre-eminent attack dog for the current administration and to remorselessly still claim title to the Democratic label.

It is THEREFORE RESOLVED that Zell Miller stands UNANIMOUSLY DIVORCED from the United States Democratic Party. We further respectfully urge that the media no longer refer to Sen. Miller as a "Democrat" since there are absolutely no current or recent facts which support this label, and we find it to be in violation of our right to define the brand we are entrusted with."

1.Diverse choices in the Democrat primary? Liberal or Liberal?
2.The state of Georgia is a very Conservative state, how is he doing them a disservice? Also, GOP sponsored TV forums? You have got to be kidding me.
3.Every politician who writes a book, appears at every event they can, that does not change whether or not you are a Republican or Democrat.
4.The advocacy appealing of the 17th amendment is racist? All it required is that the states select the Senators, so the interests of the states would be represented in the Congress. Had nothing to do with race or gender. Also, Alan Keyes also supports it being repealed, and he is black....
5.I thought the Democrats we're tolerable to different view points within their party.
6.Most divisive President in the United States? This was written before Obama was seated....
7.Once again, I thought the Dems we're tolerable, how come they just loved General Powell attacking every single GOP issue?

Zell has also been attacked because of his comment that Rham Emanuel should put Gorilla glue on the chair of the President, to stop him from going all of the world and wasting money. He referenced Gorilla glue because it is the best in the business, I know it, I own some, however the Democrats just added this on to another tolerable moment when it comes to Conservatives in their own party.

So yes, Republicans cannot stand liberals in our party, we want every member Conservative, however we usually suck it up & deal with it, come election time (the primary is a whole nother situation). The Democrats.....well....they start petitions which get about 150 basement living liberals to sign show their tolerance.

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