Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The body is not even cold yet.....

The body of Senator Edward Kennedy is not even cold yet, and liberal activists are already invoking the name of Kennedy to win on the health care battle. Not to mention, it has been rumored, that the legislation will be named in honor of Kennedy. The liberals just cannot contain themselves.

I could be incorrect, I hope that I am, but it appears that liberal activists are pleased that Kennedy is dead. The health care legislation is all but dead, the American people have been winning the long hard fight, and it appeared that Capitalism & Freedom would win out in the end. Not to mention, Democrats we're even considering breaking the rules of the Senate, to get it passed - talk about desperate.

Now that Kennedy has died, it seems that liberal activists are breathing new life into their horrific plans on health care, attempting to invoke Kennedy into the health care legislation anyway possible, even to the point of saying that Obama is the last Kennedy brother? Excuse me.

I cannot stand the Kennedy family, I hope we defeat this awful legislation currently in the House of Representatives, if anything Kennedy's desire to live, to live as long as he could, and to keep the government out of his health care.....should inspire us all to love freedom in health care, and not the government control which would occur if Kennedy's "dream" came true.

So for goodness sake, could we continue to debate this legislation based on the facts, and not on Kennedy, Also could we treat Kennedy as a Senator, and not a piece of political capital as liberals are doing today.

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MJ said...

Good idea. Lets call the bill the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care plan. And while we are at it lets rename the Death Panels - the Mary Jo K - Chappaquiddick Memoria Panels in memory of a time when a politician got to decide just how much care a person in need received.

Editor said...

I want to make it official right now. The ghost of Michael Jackson reads this blog!

Aurelius said...

Holy shit!