Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poll: Why Was Obama Elected?

Choose what you believe was the most decisive factor. For other responses, leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Reverse Racism should be added as an option. I feel it was a combination of Reverse Racism and Vague Hopey Change.

All those white people out there who thought to themselves that if they don't vote for the first Black Presidential Nominee, they were racist.

Anonymous said...

The republicans ran a primary that was largely focused on foreign policy.

The dems ran a primary that was largely focused on domestic policy.

After the financial system started melting down, it took too long for McCain to find a voice on domestic policy. Even so, had McCain voted against the TARP thing, he would have had a coherent, independent voice and he would have won.

To me, it's not the same as 'mccain was too weak.' McCain is not weak, he just hadn't thought through economic issues enough and he didn't react quickly enough.

Long story short - I voted "other"