Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Lincoln is in deep trouble.

First it was Senator Reid, then Senator Dodd, now it is the Arkansas Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln, who is the Senator in a growing Republican state, which for some unknown reason, has not kept to their strong Conservative ideals in regards to Federal elections. However, a man named Barack Obama, an agenda which comes straight out of the liberal platform, and the fact Lincoln is a Democrat herself, gives the Republican party a great opportunity in the state of Arkansas in the United States Senate election.

According to polling in March, Lincoln was approved by a 45/40% margin. According to polling released yesterday, Lincoln is now disapproved by a 44/36% margin. Wow, just wow. Even more amazing, the little known Republicans in the election, are already leading Lincoln.

Republican Gilbert Baker is leading Lincoln by a 42-40% margin.
Republican Curtis Coleman is leading Lincoln by a 41-40% margin.
Republican Tom Cotton is trailing Lincoln by a 40-39% margin.

The Conservative Republican revolution of 2010, will reach areas where the Democrat party has held for literally decades, however, the Conservative revolution will change all that...

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