Friday, August 28, 2009

How Obama Has Failed in his First Term

I'm going to say this straight out: if the President does not pass his Health Care Plan soon, the rest of his time in office will be a lame duck. That said, this article is not just bashing Obama, but actual facts that you can look up yourself. If you want to lambaste him, or add to the list, do so in the comments, they are always welcome.

This list is primarily campaign promises that he failed to live up to.
What the President has failed to do (which he promised):

1. Prevent unemployment from breaking 8.0%.

The President assured the American public that if his Stimulus Plan was passed, unemployment would not rise above 8%. Unfortunately, that promise eventually turned out to be a failure, and the unemployment rate now stands at 9.5%.

2. Allow Americans to view new bills five days before going to vote.

If you remember, the President said that, with his election, there would be a new era of transparency in the government, allowing voters to read bills at least five days before they went to vote. Unfortunately, the transparency he must of been referring to was his own. The failure of this came when he rammed the Stimulus Bill through the Legislative Branch, putting the bill in print less than a day before it was to be voted on.

3. 'There is no Pork in the Stimulus Bill.'

Well, I don't even think I need to show you that this has been a failed promise. That's how badly this promise failed.

4. Gitmo will be closed as early as the first week of his Presidency.

CNN reported that the President planned to closed the much lamented (on the left) Guantanamo Bay prison. Guess what? Guantanamo is still open to this day because the President had no, snicker, exit strategy, i.e. he had no idea where to send the terrorists after the base was closed. Fail.

5. Lower racial tension in the United States.

The President assured voters that he would work very hard to bring people of different backgrounds together. While this is a noble cause, the President utterly failed when he stuck his nose into the arrest of Professor Henry Gates, saying that the officers acted "stupidly." This led to a crap-storm in the media, and the President later gave a pseudo-apology.

Ah, I'm getting bored with all of these broken promises, so maybe I'll continue this some other time.

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Editor said...

6.I will not raise taxes on those making under 250,000 dollars a year.

SCHIP taxed tobbaco users, most earn under 250,000 dollars a year. The Cap & tax will raise everyones utility, and the health care will tax everyone who does not have health insurance