Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Matthews is an Idiot

Chris Matthews has been in the broadcast business for years and is one of the most recognizable faces of the terrible news network MSNBC. However, that time and experience certainly haven't helped the guy become any smarter. Instead, he's using Ted Kennedy's death as a way of building up Obama for some reason.

Chris yesterday shouted about how the Republicans aren't giving Obama enough credit for 'fixing the economy.' (To defend Matthews, about all he does is shout) Fix the economy? Even if you believe that the economy is doing better, the falling GDP and increasing unemployment rates show that the economy is limping, not repaired.

Not only that, but Matthews decided to also launch an attack on Obama's opponents in order to... honor Ted Kennedy's life? As Joe C. would say what? Matthews decided to again belittle the supporters of the Republican party down to a bunch of racists or idiots (or both!). He has pretty much said that if you disagree with the President, you're a hate-monger! In fact, he said:

Jack Kennedy was killed in an open car in Dallas in the midst of the most hated--it's like the mood we're in right now.

Wow. Just wow. How incredibly irresponsible and sensationalist. Not to mention that Matthews also said that Obama was now the 'last Kennedy brother.' Matthews had a chance to open his piehole long enough to say this: "I think he extended that brotherhood to Barack Obama. He made him the new brother ... and the Clintons were passed over."

So not only was Obama raised to Kennedy royalty, but he also had a chance to slam the Clintons as well. Boy, just cause the guy doesn't like Hillary doesn't make Obama a saint.

Or does it?

But my original point remains-- Chris Matthews is an idiot (or a good actor).

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