Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Difference Between Conservative & Liberal Organizations

What is the difference between Conservative & Liberal organizations? As on both sides of the aisle, there are dozens if not hundreds of groups which focus on the ideology as a whole, or just on a single issue. Every single one of these organizations are unique, however, there is one line which separates the Conservative organization from the Liberal organization.

Conservatives - Are attempting to defend the laws of the land, traditions of the American culture, and preserve life & freedom. Liberals - Are attempting to politicize the laws, destroy our culture for some absurd notion of multi-cultures, and only care about the government becoming involved in all ares of American life.

That is the line that sets Conservative & Liberal organizations apart, lets take a brief look.

National Rifle Association vs. Brady campaign - the NRA is attempting to preserve the freedoms of the American people to own guns, defend themselves, and to fight crime effectively. The Brady campaign is attempting to ban peoples right to bear handguns, defeat their right to defend themselves, and are pushing a tactic which does not work.

The leader of the Brady campaign said it best a few months ago, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Guns don't fire by themselves", perhaps he would reconsider his stances, and stand for Americans be able to defend themselves against the lunatics? Nope, because his goal is to destroy the second amendment.

National Right to work committee vs. union organizations - The National Right to Work Committee believes in Capitalism, they believe that workers should never be forced into unionization, and they also know that unionization only hurts the businesses which have to deal with it (look at GM). Union organizations only care about draining money out of the business, collecting dues for political purposes, and control. The worker is the last thing on their mind.

What is the difference between these two organizations? One is fighting for the economic liberty of the businesses & workers, the other is fighting for dues to buff up the Democrat party.

There are two examples for you, the NRA & NRWC believe in straight forward American freedoms in regards to gun rights & economic freedoms. The Brady campaign & union organization believe in government control & regulation, and failed policy which only hurts everyone involved.

I could give you dozens of more examples, however, I believe I have made the point, of why there is a difference between Conservative & Liberal organizations, which extends beyond the ideology itself.

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Anonymous said...

I thought what you said was very informing and got right down to the truth and was exactly what I was looking for. I can only hope that what you are saying is true.