Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Massachusetts playing politics with election law.

The state of Massachusetts is a Democrat mud pit, in mud pit I mean that in the sense, that except for a few globs of Republican representation in Massachusetts (21 Republicans combined in both legislative houses, out of 200 seats, not to mention, no congressional seats are in Republican control), the state is run by far-left liberal Democrat radicals, who have no opposition.

During the 2004 Presidential election, every Democrat in Massachusetts at the least, expected that Senator John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, would defeat that evil Republican President George W. Bush. They knew so much about the future voting patterns of the American electorate, to the point that the late Senator Kennedy wrote a letter to the Democrat leaders in the legislature, asking that the process of filling a United States Senate seat should be changed.

Back in 2004, Republican Governor Mitt Romney was the titular head of Massachusetts (considering Democrats have a super-majority in both houses of the legislature, Romney was really a Governor In Name Only), and if Kerry was elected, Romney would have the Constitutional power to appoint the replacement. The Democrat party feared a Republican could be appointed, thus armed with the Kennedy mandate, they changed the election law to have a special election instead. Did I forget to mention? The law has never been used, because Kerry lost.

So much for knowing, Massachusetts Democrats we're proven to be complete & utter idiots.While Republican Nation, prevailed again.

Fast forward to 2009.


Senator Kennedy wrote another letter to the Democrat leaders in the state Legislature (while the Republicans soundly condemned the suggestion), this time asking that the law he asked for five years earlier, to prevent a Republican from getting into office, changed back so Republicans have no chance at getting into office. Sounds politically motivated. As the Republican House Minority stated, "The hypocrisy is astounding,".

He has since died, however, the politically cracklike addicted Democrats are considering to change current election laws, again, for political reasons.

Come on!

I believe that the Senators should be appointed by the Governors in case of vacancy. I believe in the original Constitutional requirement that Senators should be elected by state legislatures. I am just old fashion, or actually, I am just following the Constitutional rulebook for federal elections.

Not in this case, because of three main reasons.

1.According to the election law as of now, the process of election has already started, it is time to call the election for when it is suppose to take place in 5 months, and then change the law afterwards.

2.The process of changing the law back to the original law should be based on the Constitution, not political favoring.

3.The whole premise that they need two Senators is faulty. They want to liberal Democrats in the United States Senate, end of story. Not to mention, Minnesota survived six months without two Senators. Now they are kicking themselves over the freshmen Senator they currently have.


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