Monday, August 31, 2009

September eleventh, a day of honor & warriors.

Many are debating what the true meaning of September eleventh should be for America, a day in which we we're attacked by brutal terrorists hellbent on killing as many Innocent Americans as possible, to spread their ideology of hate & world domination. That was then, this is now. We are now nearing the eighth September eleventh since the terrorist attacks occurred, we are now in a hell of a fight for freedom & revenge in Iraq & Afghanistan, both Nations have been radically reformed towards freedom because of our efforts against terrorism, and we have killed many terrorist dirt bags over the past eight years.

While we have faced many forces of evil in this war on terrorism, both domestic and international, we have prevailed thus far, with success. However, we are perhaps facing the largest threat to our battle ever, liberals who are attempting to destroy the CIA, our ideological based foreign policy which the Obama administration has put forward, and the utter ignorance towards foreign threats in Iran, North Korea, and in South America by the current leaders of America.

So what does this mean for September eleventh? How should the day be memorized in America? How should we honor those that died that day, and those that have died since, fighting to kill those responsible for the terrorist attacks.

I personally believe September eleventh should be a day of honoring those who died on that day, and those that have died since for our freedoms. It should be a day of honoring our Servicemen, home & abroad. It should be a day of celebrating what makes America great, and why we must fight to preserve her. It should be a day of war as well, as must not forget we are still fighting an enemy who wants to kill Innocent Americans, and is just as evil as the nazis.

Some have suggested we do some "national service" or "green movements" on September eleventh, I find that insulting, and I find it horrific that some would ever consider pushing their political policy ideology on a day in which America was attacked, that would be like pushing for tax cuts on Pearl Harbor day.

Just insulting.

A day of Honor. A day of Freedom. A day of Country. That is what September eleventh should be remembered & memorialized for, as well as a day to understand a dangerous threat remains, which must be destroyed.

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