Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just who founded the Apollo Alliance.

Conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck, has been documenting the "Apollo Alliance" all week on the FoxNews television show, an organization with radical connections, beliefs, and are credited with writing the stimulus legislation, which is criminal in itself. While Glenn Beck has been focused on radical communist, "green jobs czar" Van Jones, I decided to take a look at who founded this organization.

Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington) is a radical environmentalist nut job, who will not support any energy except those that are proven not to work.
Leo Gerard, the leader of the United Steelworkers Union, and also the vice president of the AFL-CIO.
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (Illinois), no explanation needed.
Carl Pope, the head executive of the "Sierra Club".

This organization was created to bring environmental nutjobs, union thugs, and social justice morons together. The National steering committee includes Van Jones, some liberal from the ultra progressive Institute for America's Future, and other nutroots from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, another far-left progressive think tank.

These are not your normal crazy environmental freaks, these guys are committed to government control, regulation, and communistic ideals to achieve their radical eco goals.

While some might be in the environmental stuff for their own reasons of loving the earth, these radicals are in it for control over the earth, and those that live on it.

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